The Quietest Wind Turbines on the Market

These 6 residential wind turbines won't disturb your home. They are innovatively designed to reduce sound pollution as they convert wind energy into electricity for your home. Some are even more affordable than their noisier counterparts.


Quiet Revolution Wind Turbine

The Quiet Revolution Wind Turbine is proof that you can live in an urban area and still remain eco-friendly. In fact, Quiet Revolution had urban dwellers in mind when it created this green energy device. Since the wind within any given part of a city tends to change direction quickly, a wind turbine placed in an urban spot has to keep up with the currents. In addition, thanks to a unique S-shaped design, this turbine is virtually noiseless. The sleek and simple shape also makes maintenance a snap.


Swift Wind Turbine

Swift is making a splash within the wind turbine world, and that's why this new turbine is at the top of our list. Aside from the fact that this turbine won't make a lot of noise, it's also easier to install than most others. The Swift turbine can be installed directly onto your home, which instantly sets it apart from other turbines that must be installed on a tower or pole. The cost of the Swift turbine is actually a lot lower than most others in its class, and this device proves to be well worth the asking price.


Hush Turbine by O'Connor

First, take a look at the low set-up cost of the noiseless, highly effective, sleek Hush Turbine: only $6000 to $7000! This price is nearly half of what other turbines in its class cost. Next, note that the Hush Turbine is aptly named - this device barely makes a sound. Then, take note that the Hush comes in various sizes and widths, and that it's easy to install (standalone). 


Stormblade Turbine

The Stormblade Turbine is still in the development stage, but this is one turbine to keep your eye on. Unlike most other turbines, this one will work to harness wind energy whether the winds are gusting or there's barely a breeze. Also, fewer parts mean that this turbine won't make those annoying mechanical noises that larger devices tend to produce. All these things combined result in a turbine that you'll want to hold out for. 

Skystream 3.7

There's nothing complex about the Skystream 3.7, and that's exactly why this device makes our top six list. Working in unison with the rest of your home utilities, this turbine only operates when it's windy outside. When the winds die down, your existing utilities pick up the slack -- what could be simpler? Intelligent, noiseless, and easy to install, you'll love the concept of this clever turbine.


Honeywell Wind Turbine

Skip the noise-inducing gears and gizmos, and take a closer look at the Honeywell Wind Turbine. Not only is this turbine quiet -- it runs with the help of oh-so-silent magnets -- it also includes the added bonus of an appealing design. The great thing about this rooftop wind turbine is that it works with winds as slow as two miles per hour (so you'll never have to worry that your turbine isn't functioning).

For safe, effective wind turbine installation and advice about other green energy projects, hire a licensed electrician.

Updated May 2, 2018.

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