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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Install Central A/C?

When you're looking to install a central air conditioner, you can typically expect to pay from $3680 to $7170 for the central air conditioning system plus supplies and labor.

What Does the Cost to Install Central A/C Include?

Cost to install a central air conditioning system will normally include:

Materials: Air conditioning systems come in 2 basic types. Single-stage will start operating at full capacity as soon as the indoor temperature exceeds the level on your home's thermostat. Under the same conditions, two-stage starts at 2/3 of its capacity and gradually increases to full capacity. This makes it quieter, cleaner, and more efficient at using energy. In addition, A/C may be zoned so that it operates independently in 2 or more zones of your home.

Labor: The A/C pro first measures your home to determine the correct system size. He/She then installs the system and checks the airflow and amount of refrigerant. He/she may need to install or repair ductwork as well. You might also need an electrician to upgrade your home's electrical system.

Cleanup: There may be a lot of cleanup if new ductwork is installed. In addition, old A/C units might need to be removed and disposed of.

● The initial estimate, which may include an onsite inspection, is often free.

How Can I Maintain My A/C?

--Change or clean the filter: Change your filter regularly (or cleaning a reusable version), especially during periods of heavy use. Usually every 30 to 90 days is recommended. Take care of this task more frequently if you have a cat or dog, live in a very dusty or polluted area, or suffer from allergies.

--Tune-up: Schedule an A/C tune-up annually. Best time is in spring, before the period of heavy use begins, or in fall, when you’re ready to “retire” the air conditioner till next year. 

--Home service plan: An air conditioning service contract with a reliable HVAC firm may be a good idea because you’ll get priority scheduling for your air conditioning service, and you will often benefit from preferred pricing and extended warranties on repairs. 

--Duct cleaning: If your HVAC ducts are seriously clogged with dust, pet hair, and other debris; are releasing dust into your rooms; or are moldy, have them cleaned and get rid of the source of any mold growth, so that it won’t recur. Duct cleaning is usually a 2-step process: dislodging dirt with special equipment and then using a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove it completely.

When Should I Replace my A/C?

Chances are good that your air conditioner is inefficient and oversized if it is more than 10 years old. You can probably improve comfort, lower energy bills and reduce your environmental impact by replacing an old air conditioner with a strong air conditioner.

How Can I Find a Good A/C Contractor?

If you are having thoughts like “what’s the easiest way to find AC contractors near me,” Networx is a great resource to find professional assistance. When you are gathering estimates for replacement HVAC systems, reputable contractors should spend a significant amount of time in your home evaluating the size of your home, and your windows and insulation. They will also inspect the duct system, and measure air leaks to size up your needs.

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