Average Cost to Install a Thermostat

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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Thermostat?

The cost to install a thermostat typically ranges from $162 to $283 including the thermostat, supplies, and labor.

Thermostat installation means setting up a control for the temperature of a home heating and cooling system. This can be anything from a "vintage" manually operated device, through a simple electronic digital type, all the way to the deluxe models, which are fully programmable, equipped with a touch screen, and often illuminated so that they are visible even in the dark.

In larger homes, the HVAC system is usually zoned -- that is, connected to multiple thermostats which allow the occupant to control the temperature in different sections of the house (for example, upstairs and downstairs or living area and bedrooms) separately. This is useful when various parts of the home have inconsistent temperatures or when it is desirable to heat or cool one area more than others -- perhaps the sleeping rooms at night or the great room during the day.

Generally speaking, the more complex a thermostat is, the more higher its purchase price and installation will be. However, even the best thermostat is a relatively inexpensive piece of home equipment.

Cost Breakdown

Cost to install a thermostat will normally include:

  • Materials: A manual or digital thermostat is the main expense here. There will also be fairly minor costs for supplies such as connectors, fittings, or mounting hardware, if necessary.
  • Labor: Thermostat installation or replacement will require the services of a professional electrician, who can install several thermostats in the course of one service call, as necessary. Cleanup and debris removal is minimal. However, if your HVAC system requires repair, relocation, or upgrading, the job will require considerably more time.

Get the Most for Your Money

According to the EPA, a programmable thermostat can reduce heating and cooling expense by 20 percent per year. Unfortunately, 90 percent of homeowners rarely take the time to program their thermostat.

The newest smart thermostats are simpler to use, and therefore can save you more on utility bills. They may be:

  • Controlled remotely via smartphone or wireless Internet connection.
  • Able to learn your heating or cooling preferences from your previous temperature scheduling, an activity sensor, and local weather tracking.
  • Compatible with the "Smart Grid" program of your local utility company.  

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