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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Install Drywall?

Expect the typical cost to install drywall to work out at about $870-$1,300 for 600 square feet of 4' x 8' drywall sheets. That is enough to cover the walls and ceiling of a 12' x 12' room which is 8' high.

The total drywall cost will be affected by these factors:

● Desired thickness of drywall sheets (1/4" to 5/8")

● Size and layout of home

● Complexity of the job and type of drywall

● Special architectural features to work around

● Accessibility

● Whether the project is new construction, a home addition, or drywall replacement

● Any repair needed, such as water damage to the existing walls

What Are Some Types of Drywall Services?

The type of drywall service you need depends on the condition of your drywall and the severity of its problems. Your two options are either repairing or installation. If something fell and created a small hole in your wall, you can easily find a local drywall contractor to repair your damaged drywall.

If your drywall is severely damaged, for example from water damage, it may be necessary to install new drywall panels. Severe water damage is apparent through visible bulging, crumbling, cracking, and collapsing.

Would you be responsible for providing the materials for the drywall contractor?

Not Necessarily. A contractor would most likely bring their own supplies for any installs or repairs. Typically, the cost of the materials is included in the final cost. If you decide you want to use your own supplies, just let your contractor know!

Can you perform a Drywall installation or repair yourself?

Even if you are an experienced craftsman and DIY enthusiast, drywall installation is a project that requires a good deal of skill, as well as specialized tools, and is not for the amateur DIYer.

How to find an expert drywall contractor?

The best way to start is by asking around. Get recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors. Was the price fair? Were they pleased with the results? Did the contractor guarantee his work, and for how long?

If you need more options, check out reviews online.

What are some recommended questions to ask the drywall contractor before I hire?

Asking these important questions will help you find a top drywall pro in your area with the right experience and business practices for your needs.

-Are you licensed and insured?

-What kind of work do you do most?

-Will you provide references (for past jobs similar to mine)?

-What does your estimate include?

-What will you guarantee/warranty?

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