Average Cost to Install Drywall

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How Much Does it Cost to Install Drywall?

Looking to install drywall panels in your home? Expect the typical cost to install drywall to work out at about $931-$2,134 for 600 square feet of 4' x 8' drywall sheets. That is enough to cover the walls and ceiling of a 12' x 12' room which is 8' high.  When calculating the cost to drywall your house, make sure you are considering the square footage of your space. This is a major determining factor that drywall contractors take into consideration.

The total drywall cost will be affected by these factors:

  1. Desired thickness of drywall sheets (1/4" to 5/8")
  2. Size and layout of home
  3. Complexity of the job and type of drywall
  4. Special architectural features to work around
  5. Accessibility
  6. Whether the project is new construction, a home addition, or drywall replacement
  7. Any repair needed, such as water damage to the existing walls

Drywall Cost Breakdown

  • Materials and Supplies -- Expect your contractor's estimate to include the drywall, fasteners (drywall screws), and joint compound. In addition, he will furnish tools and equipment such as mud mixers, finishing knives, and the like.
  • Labor -- Labor costs include both hanging and finishing (mudding, taping, and sanding) drywall panels. Removal of old drywall, insulation, skim coating and surface texturing, and painting are all usually extra. Drywall installation is a project that requires a good deal of skill, as well as specialized tools, and is not for the amateur DIYer.
  • Cleanup -- Installing drywall sheets tends to be a very dusty, messy project. Be sure to discuss cleanup costs before you sign a contract with your installer.
  • Estimate -- The initial estimate for a larger drywall job, which may include onsite inspection and measurement, is often free.

Get the Most for your Money

For new construction or room additions, be sure to schedule necessary framing and electrical inspections before installing drywall. Talk with different drywall contractors about your specific project to see how your square footage, the desired materials, and your space will influence the price. Are you looking to install moisture resistant drywall or hanging drywall? Knowing what kind of drywall job you want to be completed will make cost estimation easier.

Check whether your locality requires a permit for drywall installation. Once you have talked with the right people, it's time to start the installation process! For further questions regarding drywall panels or drywall repair, contact our team at Networx today.

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