Garden Fountains

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The ultimate goal of designing and planting gardens is beauty in nature. Achieving that beauty can be easy with the addition of the right fountain to your garden. The choices are endless, as there are thousands of fountains to choose from.

Benefits of Garden Fountains

A garden fountain offers many benefits, including:

  • providing the calming sound of water
  • disguising unwanted noise from neighbors or nearby roads
  • attracting birds (as their drinking fountain AND bathtub)
  • serving as outdoor art
  • making your garden one of a kind.

So jump into the world of garden fountains and start your search for the right one. A local landscaper from your area can help you choose the best fountain for your garden.

Five Tips for Garden Fountains

Here are five basic tips to help you choose and maintain your fountain:

1. Hire help. If you're planning to purchase a small, simple fountain and have some DIY experience, you might be able to install and maintain it on your own. But if you're short on handyperson skills or envision a larger project, hiring a landscaper to design and install your garden fountain makes the most sense. 

2. Measure your yard size. The first step in purchasing the right fountain for your property is assessing the size of your yard. If you have a small or medium-size yard, you will not want to make it look even smaller with an oversize garden fountain. If your yard is extremely tiny, you might consider installing a wall fountain, which will take up less space. Depending on the size, shape, and space of your garden, you may want to consider including a pond or waterfall to complement your fountain.

3. Find a fountain material and style. Stone, fiberglass, ceramic, concrete – of all the materials out there, what to choose? Go with concrete or ceramic for a higher-quality, more durable fountain (although it is also the costliest option). With all the possibilities out there, it should be easy to match your fountain to the decor of your garden. Some people even find their perfect fountain first and then choose furniture and plants to match.

4. Consider placement. This is one of the most important factors in making sure your fountain is installed properly. When in doubt, call a landscaper! One of the most common problems with outdoor fountains is uneven water flow. You can avoid this by getting professional advice on how to create a stable, solid and level place for your fountain.

5. Maintain your garden fountain. Keep an eye on your garden fountain to make sure that it is working properly. Shut off the pump and clean it once a month, removing dead leaves, dirt, and debris. Replace filters as necessary. Scrub the fountain's basin to get rid of mineral deposits, bird droppings, and algae.

A garden fountain will add tranquility, calm and beauty to your home.

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