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Networx Team

Our brilliant staff of writers who make up the Networx Team have written over 300 articles for They have written many articles about a great variety of home improvement topics that range from do-it-yourself tricks to advice for hiring contractors. For instance, in their article “What to Ask Before You Hire a Home Improvement Pro” (, they provide readers with suggestions about the types of questions they should ask contractors before signing the dotted line, such as if they are licensed, insured, if they have specific specialties, training, references, if a permit is required, and what the estimate will cost. They have also written valuable information about hiring a handyman, such as that which can be found in their articles entitled “Hiring a Handyman to Fix a Door” ( and “Hiring a Handyman For Plumbing: What You Need to Know” (

They have also written about articles answering common homeowner questions such as whether concrete or asphalt is better for driveways ( and whether or not a subfloor (the underlying support structure for most types of flooring) needs to be replaced (

Have questions about cleaning? The Networx Team has got you covered! The Networx Team has written a multitude of articles about cleaning, such as their articles about cleaning with salt (, washing skunk smell out of clothes (, cleaning with Ajax vs. baking soda (, among many others.

If you’re having trouble with pests, the Networx Team also has a wide selection of articles for pest control, such as how to deal with carpet beetles (, carpenter ants (, brown recluse spiders (, drywood termites (, fruit flies (, and much more.

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What to Ask Before You Hire a Home Improvement Pro

Posted by Networx Team | Oct 05, 2020

Finding the right Pro can be as much a matter of safety as getting your money's worth. From following all code requirements of your city's building department to ensuring project satisfaction,...

10 Safety Tips for Hiring a Pro During a Pandemic

Posted by Networx Team | Mar 26, 2020

Many areas of the US are currently under lockdown, with residents sheltering in place and numerous businesses forced to close their doors. However, home repair services are generally...

13 Tricks People With Spotless Living Rooms Swear By

Posted by Networx Team | Feb 11, 2019

Make a microfiber couch new with hot water Treat carpet stains using laundry detergent Or scrub dirty spots with rubbing alcohol Read More

DIY Rotating Cooking Utensil Storage Rack

Posted by Networx Team | Feb 06, 2019

My kitchen has been in serious need of some organizational help. I love to cook and am on a mission to make it easier to store and find my kitchen supplies. This...

23 Awesome Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Old Pic Frame

Posted by Networx Team | Feb 06, 2019

Store spices on the wall Keep spices handy with this clever large scale storage idea using an extra big frame. (Jodi @Glittered Barn LLC) Stack two to make a designer chunky frame Get...

Modern Coffee Table From Pallet Wood Base

Posted by Networx Team | Feb 06, 2019

I wanted to create an inexpensive, sturdy, and modern shape coffee table for our living room! You might remember my .... Well, I sold that to make way for a more neutral...

andrewmalone/Flickr Creative Commons

7 Cool Custom Decks

Posted by Networx Team | Feb 18, 2018

Are you thinking of building a deck this year? Here’s a little inspiration to get your planning process started. Presenting seven super cool custom decks. 1. A natural extension...

Rob Marquardt/flickr

Get Rid Of Ants

Posted by Networx Team | Jan 02, 2018

If your house has ever been infested by ants, you know what a nuisance they can be – and how hard to get out of your house. And if you haven't had any visiting ants (yet) then...

Terrycohn(Own work)[CC BY-SA 4.0 (]/Wikimedia Commons

Advantages of Cork Flooring

Posted by Networx Team | Jan 01, 2018

Resilient like linoleum with the elegance of real hardwood, cork flooring is gaining popularity among contractors and DIY remodelers alike. And for good reason! Cork is quite possibly...

Billy Millard/flickr

What Is a Chandelier?

Posted by Networx Team | Sep 27, 2017

The right chandelier will add a beautifully dramatic lighting element to your home. Known for enhancing the appearance of a living room or dining area, chandeliers create a soft,...