Wood Board Siding


    Although wood siding requires more maintenance than other siding types, it continues to rank as a popular siding choice for homeowners throughout the US. It seems that those who are committed to having the natural beauty of wood for their homes are also committed to maintaining it. One of the most popular wood siding types is wood board siding, also known as clapboard siding or lap siding. With good maintenance, wood board siding can last about thirty years – that’s almost ten years longer than some manufactured siding types.

    Wood board siding is commonly made from softwood lumber. It's milled into one of several patterns designed to interlock or overlap so that rain and snow flow right off the siding boards. Even if you hire a professional carpenter to install your wood siding, you should be familiar with two basic facts:

    1. All edges must be sealed with water repellent.

    2. A major problem associated with wood siding is termites. Hardwoods such as cedar and redwood are termite-resistant. You can protect softwood against termites by applying preservatives.

    Wood Board Siding Maintenance: The Key to Making It Last

    Maintenance is the key to helping your siding last as long as possible. These maintenance tips will help you prevent any serious damage to your wood board siding:

    • If your siding has been painted, you will need to repaint every four to six years.

    • Stained siding should be restained every three to five years.

    • General maintenance should include an annual washing, using either  a power washer on the gentlest setting or a garden hose. Avoid getting water up under the siding boards.

    • Every spring and fall, head outside for a visual inspection of your siding for cracks, loose boards, mold, or algae. If you spot potential problems, find a siding contractor to help you.

    Updated April 25, 2018.


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