Average Cost to Replace a Roof

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

When you're looking to replace a roof, expect to pay an average of $5,112 - $10,485 including materials and labor. Cost to replace a roof is affected by these factors:

  1. Material. Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in the US these days, because they combine durability with affordability. However, you may prefer a different type of material for esthetic or other reasons. See the Compare Roof Materials chart below for a detailed comparison.
  2. Size. Measure the ground perimeter of your home yourself to get a rough idea of the size of roof you'll need. Then call in a roofing pro to measure the precise dimensions.
  3. Access. Your roof will be more difficult to access if you live in a multi-story or attached house.
  4. Pitch and slope. You'll need proportionately more material for a steeper pitch.
  5. Style and difficulty. Style refers to the basic roof shape. A difficult roof means its design includes a large number of hips and valleys, as well as features like dormer windows, vent covers, chimney(s), or skylights.
  6. Condition of old roof. If your existing roof is only one layer thick and is not badly water damaged, your roofer may not need to remove it. Instead, he can simply install your new roof on top.
  7. Local climate. Live in a region with heavy snow, high heat, or strong winds? Your roof will need to be specially built to stand up to harsh weather.
  8. Age of your house. When you own an older home, chances are good that it will have to have some structural repair in addition to the roof installation.

Compare Roof Materials

Roof Material



Cost per Roofing Square (100 ft²), Without Installation


1. Affordable

2. Lightweight

3. Wide variety of colors

1. Fairly short life (20-30 years)

2. Flammable , need fire-retardant coating



1. Stronger than asphalt

2. 40-50 year life for high-end shingles

3. Good fire and wind resistance

May accumulate algae in warm, humid locales



1. Very durable, up to 100 years

2. Resist fire, damp and insects

1. Costly

2. Heavy

3. Breakable if stepped on



1. Attractive, good curb appeal

2. 30-50 year life for hardwood

1. Flammable, need fire-retardant coating

2. Limited variety of colors

$100+ depending on species, grade, weight, etc.


1. Attractive, good curb appeal

2. Life up to 80 years

3. Fireproof

4. Energy efficient

5. Wide variety of glaze colors

1. Heavy weight

2. Costly to buy and install

$250 - $500


1. Variety of shapes and colors

2. Resist fire, damp and insects

3. Easy to install

Heavy weight

$150-$250 standard

$350-$500 lightweight


1. Strong and flexible

2. Lightweight

3. Attractive color and texture

Poor fire resistance in low-end type


Cost Breakdown

The cost to replace a roof includes:

  • Materials -- The job quote includes the roofing material you have agreed on. The average house will need about 200-250 roofing squares in total.
  • Labor -- Your roofer will remove the old roof as required and make minor structural repairs. He will then install your new roof. Installation typically includes ice dam protection, asphalt paper, shingles, flashing, and a ridge vent. If extensive repair is needed, the cost will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Cleanup -- The expense of hauling away the old roofing and other debris is, as a rule, included in the price quote.
  • Supplies and Equipment -- Usually the cost to hire a roofer includes all supplies and equipment. 
  • Building Permit -- You may have to pay for a building permit, with its associated fee, when replacing more than 100² ft of roofing.
  • Estimate -- The initial estimate, which may include an onsite inspection, is often free.

Get the Most for Your Money

Reuse roofing materials such as flashing if possible. Replace old roof with high-quality new materials for a longer lasting job.

Use an Energy-Star-certified light roof shingle color, which will lower energy bills by reflecting sunlight and helping your attic stay cooler in summer. Check whether this will also qualify you for a utility company rebate or a federal tax credit.

Consult your homeowners' insurance broker. They may reduce your premiums if you install an upgraded, safer roof.

Cost to Hire a Roofer

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