What Is The Cost To Wire A New Dishwasher?

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    In some cases, an appliance is just an appliance, and all the versions are sort of the same. Take sinks for example, or toasters.

    But other times, technology has taken a standard appliance, and given it a major makeover. Has pumped out a super-charged, extra effective and energy-efficient remodel. Thus is the case with the new generation of dishwashers, so if you’re in the market for a brand new one -- congratulations! They are pretty amazing.

    Or, maybe you’re buying an older refurbished model, to turn a previously dishwasher-less kitchen into a more modern, streamlined work space. In which case, again -- congratulations! Any dishwasher upgrade will certainly make for a more convenient clean-up.

    So you’ve researched brands and options, decided on a model, and made your purchase. And now you’re ready for installation. You might already be thinking, “Are there electrical contractors near me?” to help with the install. But before that, what is the cost to hire a quality electrician to wire a new dishwasher, anyway?

    Well, that totally depends on a whole bunch of variables.

    Most importantly, whether A) you already have a space slotted for the appliance, and the new one is replacing an existing dishwasher, or B) whether you’re installing a dishwasher into a kitchen that has never had one. If the answer is B, you’re most likely going to need to rearrange some cabinetry, as well as rework the plumbing and run electrical wire - or electrical remodeling, if necessary. This can be complicated and costly, and will definitely increase your expenses.

    The price for complete installation (not including the cost of the unit) in 2013 will vary from around a hundred dollars for a very basic swap-out job, up into the $500 range for kitchen that is not already equipped to take a dishwasher. These figures are based on national averages and of course, prices will fluctuate by region.

    There are also other factors that can add to the cost of installation. These include repairs to plumbing and wiring, necessary upgrades to plumbing and wiring, the specific installation location (especially on an upper floor of a multi-level home), and removal/disposal of the previous dishwashing unit.

    There are also a few things that can help to cut costs. Being flexible with the project scheduling may allow you to save some money, depending on the situation with the service provider. As well, combining the installation with other, related services can reduce the overall bottom line.

    As with any home repair service, it’s important to get multiple bids and look into the qualities of a good electrician before committing to a provider. Always make sure you discuss the details of the job, in order to ensure that you both understand all the issues involved, and to avoid encountering hidden costs. This discussion should cover things like: 1) Whether this is a new dishwasher in a previously dishwasher-less kitchen, or a replacement of an existing dishwasher. 2) Whether the necessary plumbing and electrical hookups are up to date or if they need repairs. 3) The desired location of the dishwasher. 4) Whether you will require hauling and disposal of an old dishwashing unit.

    Long story short, there are a lot of factors that come into play when determining the cost to wire a new dishwasher. But ultimately, you can expect to pay somewhere between $100-$500, depending on your specific situation. Enjoy the new dishwasher!

    Sayward Rebhal writes for Networx.com.

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