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    Copper garage doors are not your everyday garage door type. But as their beauty and durability become increasingly well publicized across the United States, more and more homeowners are choosing this beautiful, unique garage door material. Copper is one of the most sustainable and efficient building materials, as it comprises mostly recycled materials according to the Center for Resourceful Building Technology (CRBT). 

    Part of copper's amazing longevity is due to its natural patina. Copper develops a rich patina, or surface film, over many years due to oxidation from exposure to the elements. (One of the most famous examples of copper patination is the Statue of Liberty, which was originally reddish brown in color.) This not only gives a distinctive vintage appearance, but also actually serves to protect the copper garage doors. See the last image below for an example of the changing color of copper on a garage door.

    Advantages of Copper Garage Doors 

    • Energy-efficient (reduce the loss of heated or cooled indoor air)
    • May be insulated for even greater efficiency
    • Especially good-looking on log homes and houses with copper roofs
    • Rot-proof and corrosion-resistant
    • Elegant
    • Suitable for a wide variety of home styles
    • May be customized with various styles of panels and windows
    • Durable; may last for centuries
    • Low-maintenance; does not require painting or refinishing
    • Unusual
    • Curb appeal

    Disadvantage of Copper Garage Doors 

    The one disadvantage of copper garage doors is that they are rather pricey compared to other materials. However, the higher cost to install these garage doors is offset by their low maintenance and long life.

    Popular Copper Garage Door Styles:

    copper garage door Copper garage door

    Twin City Garage Door

    copper garage door
    Davinci Doors

    Copper Garage Doors by Hill Country Garage Doors:

    copper garage door
    copper garage door
    copper garage door

    Hill Country Garage Doors provides several types of copper garage doors as pictured above including Flush Copper Clad Garage Doors; Copper Clad Garage Doors with Cedar Design Overlay; and Close up of cedar design overlay.

    copper garage door
    Northgate Garage Doors

    Updated July 2, 2018.

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