Average Cost to Repair a Garage Door

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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Garage Door?

When you need a garage door repair, you can typically expect to pay between $150 and $402. The cost to repair a garage door will vary according to:

  1. whether it is a single or double door
  2. what it's made of
  3. where the problem is located
  4. whether any parts need complete replacement
  5. whether the door requires refinishing as well as repair

Troubleshoot Garage Door Problems


Possible Causes

Garage door opener remote doesn't work.

Missing batteries or incorrect programming. Possibly a replacement remote is needed.

Garage door opener works but door still doesn't open.

Motor unit not connected. Electrical supply problem. Garage door malfunction.

Door either doesn't close completely or reverses after hitting the floor.

Close limit switch needs adjustment. Door isn't binding.

Opener's motor keeps running after door is fully open or closed.

Close limit switch needs adjustment.

Door reverses before touching the floor.

Door blocked by an obstruction. Close limit switch needs adjustment.

Opener either doesn't engage or stops in the middle.

Sensor beams improperly aligned. Sensors blocked by dirty surface or by an obstruction.

Door feels very heavy when lifted manually or can't be opened at all.

Damaged or worn-out springs.

Cost Breakdown

  • Materials and Supplies -- Depending on the problem, materials and supplies needed for your garage door repair can range from small items like lubricant or adhesive to major items such as a replacement spring or motor.
  • Labor and Cleanup -- Repair cost for your garage door includes labor and cleanup, and may be charged by the job or by the hour. If your garage pro charges per hour, expect to be charged a minimum rate plus any additional time.
  • Estimate -- The initial estimate, including precise measurement, is often free.

Get the Most for Your Money

If your garage door is damaged because you rammed into it with your vehicle, find out whether your homeowners insurance will pay for the repair. When another driver caused the damage, their automobile liability policy should cover the cost to fix it.

Once your garage door is repaired, help prevent future malfunctions and save on repair costs, as well as extending the life of the door. Maintain your garage door by keeping the tracks clean and periodically applying oil to the hinges, bearings, and springs.

Cost to Hire a Garage door pro

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