Garage Door Reinforcement Was A Fast And Effective Solution

My garage door repair contractor was quick both to diagnose the problem AND to fix it

Submitted by Sue P.

Garage door reinforced with steel bar


WHY I CHOSE HIM: Fast and knowledgeable response, best price.

We were afraid to use our garage. Whenever I opened the garage door, I could see it was bending from the middle and there was a cracking noise. I wanted to stop it before it cracked up completely. My husband tried to put a reinforcement on the garage door but it really didn’t help much. Although it did strengthen our door a little bit, it still didn’t stop the problem of the door bending inward from the center.

After calling a few contractors in my area, I wanted to find a better quote. Online, I saw something related to Networx and I filled out the form. The website worked well, in that I didn’t have to call anybody. Instead, I was immediately contacted by 3 local vendors.

Garage door repair

One of them was very quick – Danny's Doors responded within 5 minutes of my sending the request. He was really knowledgeable; after I told him what was happening, he could tell me over the phone exactly what the problem was … and the solution. I was impressed. No one else was able to diagnose the problem without coming to my house. His rates were also comparatively better than the other vendors’.

I also liked the fact that I called him one evening and he showed up promptly the very next morning. What he did was install a horizontal steel bar to reinforce our garage door. The repair solved the problem and fortunately, we did not have to replace the door. Now it’s working fine.

I would definitely recommend Danny. He’s really good, really fast, very courteous, honest, and also very reasonable. I really liked his service.

My approach to finding a contractor is first to go and search online for local businesses. In this case, after talking to them, I was not satisfied, so I found Networx. I really liked it and would recommend it to others as well. One thing I found especially helpful I found was the link Networx sent me to a description of the contractor’s work. I’m very happy with the service. This was my first experience and it was great!

BEFORE Garage door was bending

Edited by Laura Firszt.

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