Concrete Driveway, Sidewalk And Walkway Just The Way We Wanted

Our concrete contractor worked with us till we got the cost and the look we wanted

Submitted by Dan and Karin S.

New concrete driveway, sidewalk and walkway

WHAT OUR NETWORX CONTRACTOR DID FOR US: Concrete driveway and sidewalk replacement, installation of stamped concrete walkway.

WHY WE CHOSE HIM: Price, local business, friendly attitude.

Our driveway was all cracked … but it had been cracked for 33 years. It just got a little worse. That was enough, though, for our insurance company to tell us that we needed to fix it. We had been thinking about doing the work for a while anyway, so that gave us the motivation to go ahead and look for a concrete contractor.

Through Networx, we found Carrero and Sons Concrete Construction. They brought over different stamp mats and color samples so we could choose what we wanted; they also showed us other jobs that they had done. It was really good. They came in several times with quotes and estimates because originally we were talking about expanding to a 2-car driveway, so they gave us an estimate for that. Then when I contacted them and said, “How much for a 1-car driveway?” they came in with that estimate as well. They worked with us until we got the cost where we wanted it.

Stamped concrete walkway

We talked to other contractors, whose attitude was “well, this is what I can do for you” or “this will cost you so-and-so.” They were more abrupt, not as personable.

The deciding factor in hiring Carrero and Sons was basically their price, but it was also important to us to go with people that were local and friendly. We checked their Facebook and online reviews as well before hiring them.

In the end, we had them replace the driveway and sidewalk (extending the drive maybe a foot or more) and install a stamped concrete walkway from the base of the driveway to the front door. Even working with the weather, it didn’t take them long at all. They took the old driveway apart one day and laid it out the next. Once the weather cleared, they spent 2 days pouring the concrete and smoothing it out. Altogether, the project took about a week. They were go-getters who didn’t hesitate -- they were right into doing it.

Smooth new sidewalk install

They also did a good job of cleaning up everything and didn’t leave a mess. They had their own truck with a couple of guys to haul away what was left of the old driveway after the demo. I liked the fact that the truck had their name on it. That meant they weren’t going to go anywhere because everybody knew the truck.

We’re absolutely satisfied with the driveway and the sidewalk. They did an excellent job, taking the time to make sure it was done correctly, and it all turned out really nice. If anyone asks us to recommend Carrero, we’ll tell them, “They’re quick; they’re professional; they like to get it done.”

Our advice to homeowners looking for a reliable contractor: See whether he talks and explains everything he’s going to do. He should listen to your needs and your wants. Carrero kept on checking with us, “Is this how you want it? We could do something different. But if this is what you want, we can do this for you.” That worked out really well. I like people that we can work together with.

Closeup of new concrete sidewalk

Edited by Laura Firszt.

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