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Photo of a wind farm by tomac1/

Clean Energy Options for Houses

Posted by Steve Graham | Jun 24, 2013

Many homeowners who want clean, green energy will buy and install solar panels. However, a solar array can be prohibitively expensive. Moreover, solar panels are not an option for many...

4x4 gardens in an urban Chicago backyard. Photo: roman.petruniak/flickr creative commons.

Five Ways to Use a Small Urban Backyard

Posted by Steve Graham | Jun 24, 2013

City dwellers often rely on botanical gardens and city parks for their outdoor fix, but many may have a perfectly green garden space in the back yard. Of course, the small backyard...

Photo of Pocket Gopher traps by USFWS Pacific/Flickr.

How to Control Garden Gophers

Posted by Steve Graham | Jun 23, 2013

Gophers can be a serious threat in home gardens. They have a nasty reputation for pulling entire plants down from their roots and eating them. Even if your plants haven’t been...

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Making the Right Landscaping Choices for Curb Appeal

Posted by Steve Graham | Oct 28, 2011

As much as we like to encourage people to use low-water landscaping techniques and to eschew the traditional lawn in favor of permaculture gardens and sustainable cover crops, there...

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3 Ways to Clean Your Oven Without Chemicals

Posted by Steve Graham | Oct 27, 2011

No matter how neat you are, every home cook will occasionally need to clean the oven. Even a self-cleaning oven isn't a self-sweeping oven. It just burns off spilled food at extreme...


How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard and Screen

Posted by Steve Graham | Oct 20, 2011

The portability of the laptop computer is also its downfall in some ways. Because we can use them everywhere, we do -- with little regard for the consequences. Coffee, fingerprints,...

That's a face only a mother could love. Photo: Roar Petersen/stock.xchng

We Tried It: Eating Jack-o-Lantern

Posted by Steve Graham | Oct 19, 2011

Can you eat a Jack-o-lantern? In a word, yes. It tastes OK (if a little bland without spices, condensed milk and a crust) and provides plenty of healthy nutrition. In fact, it's possible...

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DIY Foot Odor Remedies

Posted by Steve Graham | Oct 19, 2011

Admit it. Sometimes your feet smell. It's OK. We won't tell anyone. You don't even have to be seen buying foot odor products at the drugstore or supermarket. The remedy is probably...

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Home Staging: When to Say When

Posted by Steve Graham | Oct 19, 2011

In a saturated real estate market, sellers may be tempted to spend vast amounts of time and money upgrading, decorating and staging a house to attract attention and encourage a fast,...

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10 Alternatives to Pumpkins for Halloween

Posted by Steve Graham | Oct 11, 2011

Hurricane Irene, other weather events and a widespread fungus have led to shortages of pumpkins over the years. The great pumpkin shortage of 2011 had many looking to celebrate Halloween...