Noah Garfinkel

Noah Garfinkel

Noah is a writer and humorist based in NYC.

We Tested It: Cleaning With Baking Soda

Posted by Noah Garfinkel | Dec 26, 2012

However reluctantly, I have timidly stepped into the world of “natural products”. I still like fast food and aerosol cheeses, but as I get older, I am finding myself somewhat...

3 Headed Sheep Chair via

7 Weird Home Decor Items

Posted by Noah Garfinkel | Jun 21, 2012

Most of us just want pretty regular stuff in our homes. Sure, you'll find a couch that "suits you" or you'll buy a "funky" desk with some "personality" or you'll find a local electrician...

If you don't have these things in your house, this article is for you.

How to Clean Without Really Cleaning

Posted by Noah Garfinkel | Jun 15, 2012

Sometimes you’ll just be sitting in your house, completely unaware of your surroundings. You’ll be vaguely aware that there are walls around you and a couch beneath you,...

Look at that. It looks like an iTtoilet. My apartment toilet looks like a walkie-talkie in comparison.

Composting Toilets: Not Gross at All

Posted by Noah Garfinkel | May 31, 2012

When you hear the words “compost toilet,” there’s a good chance you immediately begin imagining some sort of terrifying box with a hole in it you want nothing to...

How to Press Your Shirts WITHOUT an Iron

Posted by Noah Garfinkel | May 16, 2012

When I was growing up, my mom was exceedingly mom-like. She cooked, she cleaned, she over-protected. But not once did I see her iron any clothes. I, therefore, grew up with no positive...

A makeshift aluminum foil steamer. Photo by the author, Noah Garfinkel.

We Tested It: Alternative Uses for Aluminum Foil

Posted by Noah Garfinkel | May 15, 2012

Aluminum foil is like the edgier, more blue collar cousin of Cling Wrap. It probably had a rough childhood and was taking shop class in high school while cling wrap was in AP calculus....

The couch before I cleaned it with vinegar.

We Tested It: Cleaning With Vinegar

Posted by Noah Garfinkel | May 07, 2012

The real secret to cleaning with vinegar is to not be an overconfident jerk about it. But we’ll get to that part a little later. For now, let’s just start back at the beginning. I...

Peanut butter works for removing labels, but not much else. Don't believe the hype. (Photos by Noah Garfinkel)

We Tested It: Cleaning with Peanut Butter

Posted by Noah Garfinkel | May 02, 2012

The fact that you can use peanut butter for purposes other than eating is one of those things you’ve probably heard from a "fun fact" person at a terrible party. It usually comes...

We Tested It: Alternative Uses for Fast Food Products

Posted by Noah Garfinkel | Apr 11, 2012

The original intent of this article was to explore possible uses for fast food other than eating. It turns out, though, that there’s not a whole bunch you can do with heavily...

What should you do if your roommate asks you to take care of his dog? Noah Garfinkel advises. (Photo: Jan-Erik Finnberg/Flickr)

Taking Care Of Other People's Dogs

Posted by Noah Garfinkel | Mar 29, 2012

While I do not own a dog myself, I do, from time to time, take care of my best friend’s dog. And, I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I am really great at it. The dog...