Mel Sherman

Mel Sherman

For nearly a decade, Mel Sherman has thrown himself into every aspect of the home improvement industry. By listening to what professional contractors have to say, Mel has been able to garner information about nearly every home improvement discipline. Combining his wit and knowledge of the industry, Mel has written numerous articles about how to fix common household problems by yourself, without having to hire a professional contractor outright.

For example, in his article “What to Do if Your Toilet Won’t Flush” (, he explains that in the dire situation of when your toilet won’t flush, the first thing to do is determine why the toilet isn't flushing. It's an issue with either the flush mechanism or the drainage system. In both cases, you'll know right away where the issue is. If you press the flush handle and it doesn't do what it's supposed to, the flush mechanism is the problem. If you press the flush handle and everything works properly up until the part where the contents of the bowl flushes away, then the issue is the drainage system. For a drainage issue, he recommends unclogging it using a flange plunger or a closet auger (see article for more details).

In his article “How to Fix Rattling Windows” ( he explains that if the glass is loose, you can use a putty knife to apply caulk to the cracks between the glass and the sashes to secure the glass and make it airtight. For a loose sash, he recommends installing weatherstripping using nails or adhesive backing, and he gives step-by-step instructions for exactly how to install it with confidence.

He also wrote about how to fix creaky stairs in his article “How to Fix Creaky Stairs” ( In this article, he explains how to repair the creaky cacophony coming from the stairs in your home by first identifying the precise location of the creaky noise on step and then silencing them by inserting wedges or shims into the gaps between treads, risers, and stringers. For stairs that have an underside that is finished with drywall or plaster, he recommends screwing the tread back together with the riser or stringer if they have become loosened.

Check out more of his articles below for more helpful DIY tips!

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