Lucy Stone

Lucy Stone

Lucy Stone is a home & garden journalist based in New Hampshire.

Affordable Eco Sofas

Posted by Lucy Stone | Oct 28, 2009

Affordable Eco-Friendly Sofas Even though it's still difficult to find an eco sofa anywhere under $5000, the market is gradually getting better. Big chain stores like Crate and Barrel...

Beekeeping for Beginners

Posted by Lucy Stone | Sep 30, 2009

More and more people are keeping bees as much for their honey as their pollinating abilities. However, beekeeping is also as much a science as it is an art, as the hive's well-being...

Building a Chicken Coop

Posted by Lucy Stone | Sep 17, 2009

Building a backyard chicken coop is one of the best investments you'll ever make. Not only will it allow you to produce fresh, self-sustaining organic eggs everyday, but the chickens...

Living Near Wetlands

Posted by Lucy Stone | Sep 16, 2009

Certain responsibilities come with living near wetlands, but with conscious action, you can help save these precious resources that are increasingly threatened from development. What...

Affordable Bathtubs: Sometimes Smaller is Better

Posted by Lucy Stone | Sep 07, 2009

Affordable Bathtubs: Sometimes Smaller is Better Although enormous walk-in tubs are in fashion right now, if you're thinking of replacing your bath tub and you want to be "green,”...

Deer-Resistant Plants

Posted by Lucy Stone | Sep 02, 2009

Deer tend to avoid some plants and relish others. While no plant can be guaranteed to be "deer-proof," there are still ways to create a healthy garden using deer-resistant perennials,...

Folding Patio Doors

Posted by Lucy Stone | Sep 02, 2009

These new doors let you enter the outdoors without leaving your living room. Installing folding patio doors is a modern way to save space and enhance views from your house while being...

Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors of 2009

Posted by Lucy Stone | Sep 01, 2009

Add curb value to your house by painting it one of the top paint color choices for 2009 listed below. In general, hot trends this year include eco-conscious colors inspired by the...