How to Redo Your Bathroom for Super Cheap

    undefinedWhether you are trying to raise your home's value, get your asking price when selling, or just want to make yourself happy, here's an easy project that pays off: how to redo your bathroom, super cheap.

    Six elements make up a super cheap bathroom renovation: paint, lighting, wall accents, the mirror, the shower curtain, and the linens. Even if your tile is heinous, the super cheap bathroom remodel will turn your bathroom into a much more aesthetically pleasing place. Hellish pink tile? No problem. 1950's avocado green bathtub? No, really, this will help.

    1. Paint

    First, you're going to paint. The key is to paint the bathroom a neutral shade, which puts both you and potential buyers at ease. Never underestimate the power of white paint, especially if you have gnarly colored tile, like pink or avocado green. If you have a nice neutral shade of tile, consider yourself lucky. You can get slightly more creative with the paint color if you have neutral tile. If you have garish tile, your best bet is to go white or off-white. Don't try to paint the bathroom a contrasting or matching shade if you have bold tiles. Trust me, no matter how good a painter you are, it will look scary. Don't forget to prep the walls well before painting.

    2. Install a New Light Fixture

    Next is the biggest ticket item: a new light fixture. This is where you want to spend money, although you can still stay within a budget. Pick out a new light fixture, and install it once the paint is dry. Go for something with a lot of wattage; light is your friend. Replace both the ceiling fixture and the wall fixture. Get something clean and classic; you won't have any regrets.

    3. Replace Wall Accents

    You will now be replacing the wall accents, things like towel racks and light switch covers. Especially if you have garish tile, stick with either white or chrome wall accents. Do not, under any circumstances, install gold-tone or brass wall accents. If your sink faucets are gold-tone, paint or replace them. It is easier and cheaper than you think to install new faucets, and makes a huge difference in the aesthetic of the bathroom. A chrome single-handle lever faucet is the best bet.

    4. Frame the Bathroom Mirror

    Next, frame the bathroom mirror with trim. There are tons of tutorials on how to do it, including one from a homeowner/DIY blogger and remodeler in the Minneapolis area who used pre-cut trim and liquid nails to frame his bathroom mirror. So easy ... so cheap ... big payoff.

    5. Change the Shower Curtain

    We're getting to the fun part: replace the shower curtain and the linens. The shower curtain takes up major real estate in your bathroom and can make or break its look. Buy a curtain in a substantial natural material, as well as a liner. (Make your tension-mounted curtain rod can take the weight.) Linen and cotton duck are sure bets that will add casual sophistication to even a pink or avocado green-tiled bathroom. White walls and a white shower curtain in a natural material are the best option if you have "distinctive" colored tile.

    6. Add New Linens

    Buy linens in the same shade as the shower curtain. Since your shower curtain will ideally be white, beige, or cream, your bath mat and towels shall also be those hues. You can add a matching toothbrush holder, tissue box, and soap dispenser. These can be cheapos as long as they match and are classic and clean-looking.

    These lessons in how to redo your bathroom super cheap will make your bathroom more spa-like, meaning more serene and sophisticated. Have fun! 

    Chaya Kurtz writes for

    Updated October 3, 2018.

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