Average Cost to Remodel a Bedroom

$9,500 120 sq ft, total overhaul Find out how much your project will cost
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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Bedroom?

Are you planning to remodel a bedroom? Expect to pay about $9,500 for the total overhaul of a 120 square foot room.

You're likely to come across an enormous variety of costs for remodeling a bedroom. The reason for this is quite simple -- a bedroom remodel is not as clearly defined as, for example, a bathroom remodel. Some price quotes may cover only repainting and adding a few shelves, while others include renovating the room from the ground up.

Your total cost to remodel the bedroom will depend on several factors:

  1. Room size and current condition
  2. Scope of the project
  3. Quality of materials
  4. Energy-efficient items to be added (e.g., insulation, lighting)
  5. Whether structural/architectural features will be added (e.g., closet, windows)

The reasons for remodeling are as varied as the prices and the two are definitely related. For example, if you'd like to transform a nursery into a "big kid" room, you may just want to change the wall color and replace the crib and changing table with an appropriately sized bed and a junior desk. On the other hand, you might be looking to make the room more energy efficient, comfortable, and functional. In this case, a more extensive bedroom remodel makes a lot of sense.

Components of a Bedroom Remodel




Add new windows, expand or replace with energy-saving models.


Replace with new carpet, wood, laminate, or tile.


Repair surfaces, sand & paint. Add finish work - crown molding, wainscoting, etc.


Replace fixture with canister ceiling lights.


Bring to code. Install ceiling fan, individual thermostat, baseboard heater.


Enlarge closet or add built-in organizer.


Insulate room. Replace door.

Cost Breakdown

  • Materials -- Confirm with your remodeling contractor which features are to be added. Specify quality and amount in the contract.
  • Supplies -- Supplies include necessities such as accessories, adhesives, fittings, finishes, and sealers.
  • Labor -- The project may be planned by an interior designer. A remodeling contractor will do the installation and may use the services of several subcontractors, such as painters. All electrical work must be done by a licensed electrician according to local code. Labor costs may increase if extensive repair work or removal of existing features is necessary.
  • Building Permit -- Depending on the extent of the work, it may be necessary to pull a building permit and pay the required fee.
  • Estimate --The initial estimate, which may include an onsite inspection, is often free.

Get the Most for Your Money

A master bedroom remodel tends to bring in a higher ROI than remodeling children's rooms or a guest bedroom, especially when you expand the closet space or install larger windows for more natural light.

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