Newly Tiled Floor for a Rental Property

We hired a hardworking family-owned company to do the job

Submitted by Dave M.

New floor tile for rental property

The old carpet was coming up in the rental property we own and the tenants that are living there, they wanted tile.

We had already bought the tile for the floor. We went to Home Depot and looked for something we could afford, but we still needed a contractor to put it down.

Well, we talked to people and talked to people and looked on the internet and that. We looked quite a bit. Finally we found somebody who had what we wanted -- a good price and good work.

The people we hired were a family-owned company, father and sons. We got them to tile most of the house. The job took a couple days.

The thing that stands out was that they worked together and they worked hard. They were very nice and courteous. They just worked -- they didn't stop. So that's the most important thing about the people that we used.

It was a family business, a father and two sons; one of the sons wasn't there all the time, but they worked together and they worked hard -- nonstop. The father was on his knees the entire time. It was very impressive. They were perfect as far as cleanup and our tenants were very happy. I would recommend them again.

My advice to anyone who's planning to have a floor tiled: Make sure you get the right tile, the tile that's going to work, don't get too cheap a tile, and that's all.

 Tenants are happy with the replacement flooring


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