Average Cost to Install Vinyl Flooring

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How Much Does it Cost to Install Vinyl Flooring?

If you are thinking about installing vinyl flooring, you should know that the cost is typically somewhere between $2.50 and $5 per square foot, which works out to $500-$1000 for a room measuring 200 sq ft.

Vinyl flooring can be bought in the form of sheet vinyl or tiles. While both are comfortably resilient, warm underfoot, and affordable, there are some major differences.

Compare Sheet Vinyl Flooring vs. Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl Flooring Type




Low price per sq ft

No water permeable seams  

Complicated, costly install

Must be expertly cut

Wastage if your room is not a standard shape

Difficult to repair

Limited styles & patterns


Quick and inexpensive install

Can be "grouted" to simulate ceramic tile

Offers DIY design possibilities

Simple to replace a few damaged tiles

Easy to transport

Durable, stable

More expensive per sq ft

Water can penetrate between tiles

Cost Breakdown

  • Materials -- Cost to install vinyl flooring includes the vinyl sheet or tiles, plus adhesive and possible new subflooring or underlayment.
  • Labor -- Labor cost is based on the actual installation and may increase if your contactor needs to do additional work such as removal of old flooring, replacement of subflooring, and so on.
  • Estimate -- The initial estimate, which may include onsite measurement, is often free.

Get the Most for Your Money

Save time and money by choosing a vinyl flooring style that is in stock rather than special order.

Prepare in advance in advance before your flooring contractor comes to do the actual vinyl flooring installation. Do some or all of the following:

  • Move furniture out of the room.
  • Remove baseboards.
  • Tear up existing flooring.
  • Level the floor surface by sanding rough spots and filling in cracks, nail holes, etc.

Expect installing vinyl flooring to be a lengthy process, which can take several days if you're doing more than one room.

Cost to Hire a Flooring contractor

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