Average Cost to Install Laminate Flooring

as of June, 2018 $827 120 sq ft

How Much Does it Cost to Install Laminate Flooring?

Looking to install laminate flooring? This affordable yet trendy material will cost you approximately $645 to $1,010 for a floor of 120 square feet total, or about $5.40-$8.40 per square foot. The price includes materials and labor. Cost to install laminate flooring will vary according to:

  1. quality and thickness of the laminate
  2. style and finish
  3. floor size and shape
  4. condition of the existing floor and subfloor

Cost Breakdown

The cost of your laminate flooring installation will normally include:

  • Materials and Supplies -- You will need laminate to cover the square footage of the room, with an additional 10 percent to allow for installation around curved edges, cutting allowance, etc. A foam underlay is also required.
  • Labor -- Labor includes installation of the laminate flooring and also possibly repair or replacement of the existing subfloor. Labor costs will increase if the room is an irregular shape, complicating the cutting process. Moving furniture out of the room may be an additional expense, as well.
  • Cleanup -- There is some major prep work to be done before your contractor installs the laminate floor. That is, removing and disposal of one or possibly more layers of existing flooring. While time-consuming, the task is not necessarily difficult and you might want to try it yourself in order to save some money, if you are reasonably sure there is no asbestos tile or lead based paint underneath. Should you choose to leave removal to your contractor, he will usually charge by the square foot. Precise cost depends on the material, with carpet removal as the cheapest, and removing old hardwood or ceramic quite a bit more expensive.

Get the Most for Your Money

Choose laminate flooring to get the look of a variety of upscale materials like hardwood or stone at a fraction of their price.

A laminate floor is fairly simple and fast to install, and in many cases may be "floated" over an existing floor (as long as the old flooring is not damp or seriously damaged), reducing installation cost still further.

Be careful to seal laminate very well if it is installed in a high-moisture area like the kitchen or bathroom.

Cost to Hire a Flooring contractor

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