Average Cost to Install a Hardwood Floor

$4,324 500 sq ft, materials & labor Find out how much your project will cost
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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Hardwood Floor?

Are you looking to install a hardwood floor? You can typically expect to pay between $2,466 and $6,283 for the flooring, supplies, and labor.  

The cost to install hardwood flooring will vary depending on:

  1. Species of wood
  2. Flooring type -- solid wood planks, locking, or engineered hardwood
  3. Complexity of the installation -- unusual room layout, steps, custom borders or patterns
  4. Finish
  5. Removal of existing floor material
  6. Condition of your subfloor

Cost Breakdown

Cost to install a hardwood floor will normally include:

Materials -- Popular kinds of wood flooring include Brazilian cherry, hickory, maple, red oak, and white ash. If sub-flooring replacement is necessary, this will add to the cost.

Supplies -- The flooring contractor will supply equipment and supplies such as a level, staple gun, and adhesive, as well as protective gear. Find out whether the finishing treatment, trims, and molding are included.

Labor -- Besides installation of the hardwood, your flooring contractor might repair or replace the subfloor and add an insulating underlay. Moving furniture out of the room may be an additional expense.

Cleanup -- Removal and disposal of one or more layers of existing flooring is usually charged by the square foot, depending on the material. Taking up carpet tends to be the cheapest, while removing old hardwood or ceramic can cost substantially more. If you are unlucky and discover old asbestos tiling or lead paint, you will need to add in the expense of having it safely removed.  

Get the Most for Your Money

Avoid warped floorboards in your future. Allow several days after delivery for your flooring to acclimate to the relative humidity inside your home. Use a hygrometer to measure and compare humidity levels.

Save money by removing the old floor yourself … if there is only one layer and no lead paint or asbestos to worry about.

Save on the purchase of new hardwood flooring by shopping online and by looking for closeout sales. (Be sure to order extra to cover future repairs.) Pick the material up yourself, if possible, and forego delivery charges.

Stain and seal the floor post-installation, rather than shelling out for pricy prefinished hardwood flooring.

If money is really tight, install hardwood only on the main floor of your home. Use less expensive carpet for the upper stories.

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