Adam Verwymeren

Adam Verwymeren

Adam is a journalist based in San Francisco. He is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

The pool at Hearst castle photographed by Adam Verwymeren

4 Magnificent Mansions You Can Visit

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Feb 21, 2012

With strong gates to keep us out and high walls to keep us from leering, most mansions are built to separate us from the 1 percent. But not all mansions are so exclusive. Many have...

My own wine crate planters. --Adam

13 Uses for Wine Crates

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Feb 19, 2012

Wine boxes are pretty easy to come by and are quite useful around the home. Used to ship higher-end wines, these pine boxes are sold for a bargain price once the wine merchants are...

I'm cleaning the kitchen fixture with wax paper. -- Adam

Home Economy: 14 Uses for Wax Paper

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Feb 13, 2012

Wax paper is near and dear to the hearts of cooks, bakers and candy makers, but it has a ton of other great uses, too. Here are some fantastic ways to put this common kitchen item to...

Al Capone's home at 7244 S. Prairie Ave. [via Wikimedia]

The Houses of Legendary Gangsters

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Feb 09, 2012

The lives of American gangsters have been brought to life countless times, from the “Godfather” to HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” Rum running, gambling, beating...

Tom Brady's house. via

Brady vs. Manning: Super Bowl Quarterbacks' Houses

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Feb 02, 2012

Two of football’s greatest quarterbacks face off at the Super Bowl this weekend. But while the New York Giants’ Eli Manning and the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady...

These are a gold mine of possibilities. --Adam

9 Uses for Old Jeans

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Jan 26, 2012

There’re few things more comfortable than a beloved, broken-in pair of jeans. But some day, when the denim’s faded, the seams have split and the cuffs have frayed, you’re...

This hanger has so many uses; there's no reason to relegate it to the landfill. --Adam

10 Uses for Dry Cleaning Hangers

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Jan 25, 2012

If you dry clean your clothes on a regular basis, you know that those ubiquitous wire hangers can really start to stack up. But rather than haul the hangers to the trash, you can put...

I thought San Francisco banned plastic bags. Where did you get this contraband, Adam? --Chaya

12 Ways to Up-cycle Plastic Bags

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Jan 19, 2012

The scourge of landfills and the enemy of environmentalists, plastic bags have been much maligned in recent years. Starting in 2007, cities around the country have voted to ban or...

The green roof at the California Academy of Sciences. --Adam

San Francisco's Greenest Buildings

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Jan 18, 2012

San Franciscans can already lay claim to living in the greenest city in the country, at least according to a recent survey. The Bay Area, with its crunchy granola-chic attitude, prizes...

There's money in here. -- Adam

Cash In Your Trash

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Jan 13, 2012

There’s a treasure in your trash can. Before you haul your next can to the curb, take a moment to survey what you’re throwing out. Much of the stuff that we regularly discard...