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    wood entry doors
    Wood Entry Doors by Pella

    Wood entry doors are by far the most sought-after style - and for good reason. No matter how hard fiberglass and steel doors try, they will never be able to replicate the natural beauty of solid wood. A wood entry door is an asset when considering the value of your home, and it provides you with a secure, durable and sturdy entranceway.


    Paint or Stain. Wood entry doors do require more maintenance than other types, in the form of a paint or stain job every 1-2 years. However, the ease with which wood doors are painted is actually a benefit for many homeowners, who enjoy making frequent changes to the exterior appearance of their home. Painting the front entry door is a great way to give your home a quick facelift. You can choose to paint the door on your own or find a painting contractor to do it for you.

    Avoid warping. Another possible issue you may have with your wooden entry door is warping due to extremes of humidity and temperature. This can be minimized in 3 ways. 1) before having a new wood entry door installed, let the door acclimate to your home for at least 36 hours. 2) Apply two coats of finish to all surfaces of your wooden door -- including sides, top, and bottom. Use the same type of finish for the interior and exterior portion of the door. 3) If possible, shelter the door from the elements with a portico.

    Other Advantages of Wood Entry Doors

    • Natural wood creates a warm and inviting look
    • Wood is strong and unlikely to dent
    • Scratches are easy to repair
    • You can choose from a wide selection of wood species, such as fir, oak or mahogany
    • Designs, including curved accents and hardware, are more noticeable on wood doors than other types of door
    • Windows may be easily incorporated into wood doors

    Find a contractor to install a beautiful, durable wood entry door for you.

    Updated November 26, 2018.

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