Transform Your Apartment Bathroom

Transform Your Apartment Bathroom

Apartment bathrooms can be bleak and tiny to say the least. While you probably can't knock down any walls, and purchasing a large bathtub might be a waste of money, you can do a few things to make your bathroom a lot less depressing. From lighting to bathmats, your apartment bathroom can be transformed into a quiet, and cozy, oasis.

Apartment Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Who has the loveliest apartment bathroom of them all? Why, you do! Well, you will when you change that boring old mirror into something truly eye-catching. Mirrors are relatively inexpensive, they are entirely expressive, and they are easy to install (just make sure to store your apartment mirror'll want to take your new mirror with you when you move!). Mirrors such as this one from Ikea are cheap and chic.

Replace Your Apartment Bathroom Light Fixture

Most apartment bathrooms include ghastly fluorescent lights. If you're dealing with these less-than-flattering lights, have no fear - lights are easy to change. Find a delightful bathroom light that you love. Simply ask your superintendant to change the light for you, or do it yourself (shut off the power first!). Remember, you can take a light with you when you move, so this is a worthwhile investment. Just remember to save the light fixture that came with the apartment and re-install it when you leave.

Accessorize Your Apartment Bathroom

You accessorize your outfits, so why not your bathroom? By adding a few accessories here and there, you'll really make your bathroom your own. The best part about great bathroom accessories is that they are not expensive - really! Also, you can take any of these easy installations with you if you decide to switch apartments. Wall hooks, switch plates, soap dispensers, cabinet hardware, towel racks and waterproof art are removable ways to beautify your apartment bathroom.

Change the Look of Your Apartment Bathroom with Textiles

Materials that yearn to be touched are right at home in any bathroom. Bathmats that you can sink your toes into like this one not only add color, they also add an element of relaxation. Photo credit/available at:

Deodorize Your Apartment Bathroom

Another way to add a bit of tranquility to your bathroom is to pick up a favorite scent or two. While inexpensive candles will certainly do the trick, go ahead and indulge - after all, your bathroom should be a relaxing haven. Check out some non-toxic air fresheners. Smells can be eliminated by placing an opened box of baking soda inside of any foul area - this trick works inside of your refrigerator as well.

Clean Mold from Your Apartment Bathroom

If your ceiling or walls are crawling with moldy spots, mix one cup of bleach with three cups of water. Spray or dab this mixture onto any mold (including grout), and wait a few moments before cleaning it off. That pesky mold should go away in no time. Read Networx How-To Guide to Fixing Common Bathroom Problems. Photo credit: Aginoth on Flickr.

Remove Rust from Your Apartment Bathroom Fixtures

You can remove rust with lemon juice or vinegar - acid is the trick here. Allow a strong acid to sit on the rust spot for a few moments. You may have to apply acid to the same spot a few times, but it will eventually disappear. Photo credit: ihaven'tseenbarbados on Flickr.

Non-Slip Stickers = Bacteria from the Previous Tenant

If the previous tenant stuck non-slip decals to your bathtub, then you'll want to remove them (just think about all that bacteria!). To do this, warm some vinegar on your stovetop, soak a rag in the vinegar, and allow the rag to sit on the stickers for a good amount of time. The scrape off with a flat object that won't scratch the tub. We recommend using an old CD as a scraper. Photo credit: Pirate Johnny on Flickr.

Choose What You Love and Be Creative with Your Apartment Bathroom

No matter what your current bathroom situation is, you can always add your own flavor (and remove any unpleasant former tenant traces) to your bathroom space. Choose items that you love, find things that will help you to relax, and don't be afraid to splurge a bit. You'll have your own private bathroom space in no time. Photo credit: Vivi V. on Flickr.

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