Ten Kitchen Innovations We Love (And You Will Too!)

    Your kitchen is not just getting prettier, it’s getting better! As well as tiles, countertops, and cabinets to make you smile, be sure your kitchen remodel includes one or more of the following thoroughly modern (yet down-to-earth-practical) innovations. We especially like Number 6.

    1. Soft close kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Today's open plan homes have an attractively airy flow to them. But along with that comes an increase in the NOISE LEVEL!! Quiet things down with soft close cabinet doors and drawers. These will also extend the life of your cabinets by reducing the impact of constant slamming ... and eliminate the risk of pinched fingers to boot.
       Image credit: me and my DIY
    2. Full extension drawer slides. Want to easily take stock of what's at the very back of kitchen drawers? Concealed undermount full extension slides will allow you to pull drawers out fully on their track. They come in capacities of up to an amazing 500 pounds -- just about the weight of my kitchen junk drawer.
      Image credit: homestylediary.com
    3. Pullouts. Speaking of pullouts, seems like there's one for just about every kitchen task these days. How about a discreet pullout trash drawer with compartments for sorting your recyclables? Or the space-efficient dynamic duo -- a paired pullout cutting board and knife rack? 

    4. Drawer dishwasher. True, a dishwasher is a major convenience ... and running a full load is generally more water-efficient than washing by hand. However, it may not work out so well for singles or couples who have just a few dirty dishes to take care of. Now you can sub in a mini dishwasher tucked out of sight in a kitchen drawer. Perfect for a small space.
      Chalon Handmade/flickr
    5. Plate rack. Take today's trendy open shelving concept one step further into the future with plate racks that will organize your pretty dinnerware. Europeans have used these for years as dish dryers, but they are also perfect for display. Made out of stainless steel, plate racks add a dash of industrial chic to your kitchen.Samsung wifi range by permission
    6. Smart stove. Multitasking just got a lot easier. Sync a smart stove to your phone; then sit back while it comes up with tasty recipes using ingredients you have on hand. Your faithful stove-bot will “read” the recipe for details of cooking time and temperature so it can have your chosen dish freshly prepared and piping hot when you get home from work. Soup's on! 
    7. Smart refrigerator. Today’s refrigerator, long the spot for posting shopping lists and dentist appointment reminders, has transformed into a digital family command center, with a giant touch screen built into the door.  Our favorite part is the app that lets you look inside your fridge from the grocery store, so you know for sure whether you really need more eggs.

    8. Hands-free faucet. Here's another smart kitchen feature. The hands-free faucet turns on automatically when you place your hands under the spout. This no-touch fixture is fantastic when your fingers are goopy from kneading dough or cutting up a chicken. It's also simple for young children and elderly or disabled individuals to use.

    9. Charging stations. Traditionally the kitchen has been the hub of the home, a warm and welcoming place to sit and connect with family and friends. Now it can become a place to connect with virtual friends far and near. Juice up your smartphone or tablet at a convenient in-kitchen charging station and you'll always be ready to connect.Marble of the World/homedit
    10. Incredibly cool lighting. Kitchen lighting has come a long way from the single buzzing fluorescent overhead fixture. Now you can have recessed lights, task lighting, or even a very cool kitchen chandelier. But the fairest of them all, in our opinion, is backlighting or undercounter lighting to make your awesome new stone countertops pop.

    For even more kitchen ideas, talk with an experienced remodeling contractor.

    Updated June 20, 2018.

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