Teaching Old Drawers New Tricks at Hometalk

Even the best furniture eventually reaches the end of its life, but usually, it doesn't all die at once. That rickety desk might have perfectly good drawers that could still be used, or those drawers you're ripping out to make way for the kitchen remodel could work just fine. Unfortunately, they don't really fit in anywhere...or do they? I was astounded when I took a look at Hometalk this week and saw that it is definitely possible to teach an old drawer new tricks: and then some.

Jeanette Country Design/HometalkJeanette turned an old drawer into a tray, which is a totally logical use. In this case she's using it to display items, but you could totally bring someone breakfast in bed, show off a jewelry collection, or do something else entirely with your drawer tray. Best yet, this particular adaptation requires very few DIY skills, which is good for hamhanded people like me. (Jeanette, unlike me, knows her way around a hammer.)

Photo: Redoux Interiors/Hometalk

Over at Redoux Interiors, an old drawer has been put on casters and turned into shoe storage. This is a totally fantastic use, and as you can see in her tutorial, this DIY Los Angeles area carpenter was able to turn out a flawless, fun project in a pretty short period of time.

Photo: Homeroad/Hometalk

Homeroad turned an old drawer into a display case with the help of a frame, some paint, and creativity. If you've ever craved those fancy (and spooky expensive!) display cases you see around, an old drawer might be a great DIY solution.

Photo: Clipping with Charm/Hometalk

Clipping with Charm made an end table from an old drawer, a fantastically practical use; sometimes DIY projects seem like they only create more junk to clutter the house, but this one actually adds vaue to the home. I love the details she created on the former bottom of the drawer with rulers!

Photo: Happiness is Homemade/Hometalk

Here's another use of a drawer as a display shelf, from Happiness is Homemade, except that it's a practical display, used for organizing tempura for painting projects. If you have a lot of craft supplies and you are lacking vertical storage space to clearly see them, this is a great option -- and it would also work for spices and other supplies.

Photo: Lisa/HometalkI love these old drawer planter stands from Lisa.

For another take:

Photo: Sara C/HometalkSo, what are you (or could you be) making with old drawers? We want to know!

Katie Marks writes for Networx.com.

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