Average Cost to Hire a Carpenter

$35 - $95 per hour, labor only Find out how much your project will cost
Where do you need the Carpenter?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Carpenter?

When you're looking to hire a professional carpenter for office or home improvement, expect to pay from $35 - $95 per hour on average. The cost of a carpenter for hire is often based on a minimum charge of 1 1/2 to 2 hours or a per-job rate. Browse carpenters near you to find the best carpenter for your construction project.

Why such a wide range of prices for a carpentry job? Costs vary according to where you live and how complicated the job is. Additionally, you should take into account the experience level of the carpenter you are hiring. If you have a simple carpentry project like having some cabinets built for your garage, you don’t necessarily need to hire a master carpenter who is a highly skilled worker and charges substantially more for their more elegant work.

Hire a carpenter for 3 types of tasks related to wood:

  1. Rough carpentry (structural) -- for example, frame a house, build a deck, add a closet, or construct an outbuilding
  2. Finish carpentry -- install cabinets, doors, moldings, shelves, trim, and windows
  3. Repair -- repair a deck, remedy dry rot

Cost Breakdown

The cost of a carpenter for hire includes:

  • Labor -- Confirm in advance how your carpenter's labor charge will be calculated, by the job or per hour.
  • Cleanup -- Cleanup is typically included in the job.
  • Tools -- Expect your carpenter to furnish his own tools, as a rule.

Other costs may or may not be included:

  • Materials -- Supplies and materials necessary for the project are not included unless specified in advance.
  • Estimate -- The initial estimate, which may include an onsite inspection, is often free.


Choose the Best Carpenter for the Job

Hire a qualified journeyman general carpenter for most residential carpentry work. Hire a finish carpenter for the more refined carpentry work, such as joinery and built-in furniture. There are also trim carpenters who specialize in molding and trim projects and can help improve the look of transitions.

Whatever type of professional carpentry services you need, be sure to hire only licensed carpenters.  The carpentry contractor and any employees must be covered by liability insurance and workers' compensation.

Request a bond for any job worth over $500.

Get the Most for Your Money

Organize a list of small carpentry jobs that need to be taken care of around your home. Then save money by hiring a qualified carpenter for a half or full day block to deal with them all. This almost always works out cheaper than having them done individually.

Be sure to obtain a building permit, if necessary, before your carpenter begins work.

Cost to Hire a Carpenter

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