Three Spring Mantel Ideas

The fun thing about mantels that they are a palette for creative seasonal decor. The mantel is the perfect place for a seasonal vignette. Decorating the mantel is also a great way to add color and pop to a neutral room. We've covered natural mantel decorating ideas for the winter season. Now that we're moving into spring, it's time to give the mantel a spring update. Fortunately, we're friends with a few DIY bloggers who showed us how to decorate a mantel for spring. Their ideas are fresh and fun.

Don't feel bound to traditional pastel color schemes. As I'll show you, a spring mantel can reflect earthy colors found in nature, or even the bright palette of summer.

Mikey F. of via

Mikey F. of Shabby French Cottage, a DIY painter in Richmond, shared his Spring Fern Mantelscape on Hometalk. It's hip, vintage-inspired, and natural-looking, with a hint of Southern glamor. To replicate Mikey's spring fern mantel at home, you'll need nine tiny potted ferns (meaning tiny ferns in tiny terracotta pots), two medium sized ferns in terracotta pots, and two large ferns in large pots. Position the large pots at the ends of the mantel, and the medium pots toward the middle of the mantel. Flank them with tiny pots. The centerpiece of Mikey's mantel is a gold vintage clock. Behind it, on the wall, is an antique stained glass window hung as art. The contrast of the earthy ferns and stained glass art with the golden clock is super-fabulous. As you can see, there's not a single pastel color in the design.

Becca from Adventures in Decorating via

Becca from Adventures in Decorating posted photos of her classic spring mantel on Hometalk. It has everything: a wreath made of pastel eggs, spring flowers, bunnies, and a spring garland. It couldn't be cuter, but still looks classic. Becca's mantelscape is the perfect combination of everything cute and springy, with refined traditional decor. To get the look of Becca's mantel, you'll need a few items. Large white vases full of fresh spring blooms flank the ends of the mantel, and a collection of three ceramic bunnies sits in the middle. Silver hurricane lanterns and tiny topiaries in white pots fill out the rest of the space. Behind them, she centered a gorgeous white framed mirror and a wreath made of pastel-colored eggs. Don't forget the garland!

Craftberry Bush

Lucy from Craftberry Bush posted her bright, chic, simple spring mantel design on Hometalk. She proves that you don't need to be a professional painter to whip up a few pieces of abstract art as the background for a spring mantel. Her look has the bright colors of summer, and the simple freshness of spring. To achieve Lucy's mantel's look at home, center three small square pieces of matching abstract art on a mantel. In front of the art, place a small collection of antique books and a rustic ceramic pitcher full of flashy spring blooms.

Happy spring! Share your spring mantel ideas in the comments.

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