Solutions for Non-Toxic Termite Control

sand barrier termite prevention
Prevent termites with a sand barrier.
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Termites are wood-eating insect predators that can seriously damage homes and other structures made of wood. Prevention is an effective approach to control termites. In the past, prevention measures included building with chemically treated wood.However, the chemicals are hazardous not only to the termites, but also to the environment and the people in the buildings. Try these non-toxic termite control solutions instead.

Control Moisture for Non-Toxic Termite Control

By eliminating all sources of chronic moisture in and around the building, your contractor can control termites, carpenter ants and other wood-boring insects in a non-toxic way. Moist environments are necessary for termites to survive. Some termites build tunnels to allow them to travel back and forth between the wooden structure and the soil, the termite’s water source. Eliminate the water source as a non-toxic solution to termiteinfestation.

Soil, Sand and Non-Toxic Termite Control

Soil should always be from 6 to 18 inches below any wooden components to control and prevent termites. Landscaping, sprinkler systems and lawn grade should not allow moisture to accumulate around the foundation. Remove soil and add sand barriers. Sand barriers are an inexpensive and easy-to-implement non-toxic solution to termites since termites cannot dig through sand. Sand also does not retain moisture, a necessary ingredient for termiteinfestation.

Slab Barriers and Metal Shields for Non-Toxic Termite Control

Cracks as small as 1/32″ allow termites to enter a building. Control termites in a non-toxic way by filling cracks in the foundations between adjoining buildings or in the floor. Professional termite treatment contractors know where to look for breaches and they can design a treatment plan for preventing and controlling termites. Sand or cinder fills may be implemented around pipe and other slab penetrations. Metal termite shields force termites to build tunnels on the outside of the shields, making their presence easy to detect.

Alternative Non-Toxic Termite Treatments

Boric acid dissolved in water and sprayed or painted on termite-infested wood is a less toxic treatment than most chemical solutions. Heat and freezing treatments are both non-toxic solutions to get rid of termites and an alternative to chemical fumigation. Electric shock treatments and microwave devices are other less common ways to eliminate termites in a non-toxic manner.

Non-toxic termite treatments are available, but it is better to prevent termites than to exterminate them. Consult a termite professional to implement non-toxic termite controls and prevent infestation.

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Updated August 21, 2018.

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