Create a Master Bedroom Retreat with 8 Simple Tweaks


Sometimes I feel a little sorry for master bedrooms. They get lost in the shuffle, what with all the attention we homeowners pay to kitchen remodels and bathroom spas. True, the places in our home where we eat, work, play, and bathe are important, but IMHO the bedroom plays an even more vital role. This room, where we usually spend the majority of our at-home hours, is the place to recharge and rejuvenate for the next day’s busy schedule. So why not turn it into a relaxing master bedroom retreat? It’s simple to do with these easy tweaks.

  1. Change Your Bed. The most important feature of your master bedroom is, of course, the bed itself. Make sure you have a comfortably supportive sleep surface. If yours is a conventional innerspring mattress, flip every couple of months and change when it gets worn out – buying a new mattress about once in 10 years is recommended. Some back pain sufferers and common-or-garden insomniacs swear by memory foam mattresses or toppers, which mold to their personal body contours (others swear at them, though, so we advise a trial run).

  2. Get the Room Temperature Just Right. Opinions vary among experts as to the ideal temperature to lull you off to Dreamland – and keep you there for a while, once you’ve arrived. Whether you prefer your bedroom warm or cool, install a zoned or programmable thermostat to make sure the ambient temperature is just right for you. (And if opinions vary between you and your partner, you can even get your hands on a bed with individual temperature zones.)

  3. Color Your Room Serene. Cover your master bedroom walls in soft, relaxing hues – like mineral gray, dusty yellow, or earthy green -- with paint or newly-back-in-style wallpaper. These “new neutrals” are dreamy rather than dull. For an uber luxurious feel, try draping the walls in a silky or velvety fabric. And how about an accent ceiling to admire when you’re lounging in bed?

  4. Set up a Master Bedroom Suite. Emulate the pampered vibe of a stay in a five-star hotel. Add a couple of overstuffed armchairs – and even a chaise longue if you have the space – to your bedroom and you’ll create the ultimate cozy corner for reading, conversation, or just plain daydreaming. Don’t forget to add a charming little en suite coffee station … the next best thing to room service.

  5. Light up Your Bedroom … or Not. Equip your master bedroom with a choice of lighting options to suit your every mood. A dimmer switch on your overhead fixture is an obvious, inexpensive hack, but why not go a step or two further with customized lights, such as a pair of softly glowing bedside lamps, task lighting for your dressing area, and perhaps a vintage floor lamp for your reading nook. The finishing touch: remote control for your lights and lamps so you can adjust them on a whim.

  6. Declutter. Sorry to say it, but there’s no way in the world your master bedroom retreat is going to feel truly luxurious if there’s random stuff all over the place. Declutter – sort out, throw out (or give away), and then neaten up the things you actually choose to keep with the help of a closet organizing system.
  7. Banish the Electronics. Check your smartphone and iPad at the door, if you please. Your master bedroom is (or should be) all about chilling and unwinding, not keeping up with the latest e-gossip, be it ever so fascinating.

  8. Pamper Yourself Right Down to the Tips of Your Toes. Give your tootsies the TLC they deserve on those chilly winter mornings. Find a pro to install soft plush carpeting on your bedroom floor. Add in one of the new under-carpet radiant heaters to the equation and you may actually look forward to getting out of bed!

Laura Firszt writes for

Updated June 20, 2018.

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