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HEPA (high efficiency particle arresting) air filters are a special type of pleated filters which remove 99.97% of airborne particles including smoke, dust, pet dander and mold. This is an amazing breakthrough for those who suffer from allergies and asthma, since a HEPA filter can significantly increase their quality of life at home. It is also an amazing breakthrough for those who do not suffer from allergies and asthma, as it helps to keep healthier air standards by limiting the number of unhealthy particles that are breathed in. A 99.97% removal rate means that HEPA filters can remove particles of 0.3 microns or smaller. Are you unsure if you will benefit from a HEPA filter? Contact a local HVAC contractor to install a HEPA filter in your home.

Types of Hepa Filters

HEPA filters come in several forms: Pleated A/C filters which are HEPA approved, whole-house HEPA air filtration systems, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, masks and air conditioner filters (for A/C systems specifically equipped for HEPA filters). A/C systems need to be specially equipped because they create too much air flow resistance in furnaces and air conditioners, as they are very thick. The filters are thick in order to filter a high percentage of particles. HEPA air filters are commonly used in environments where very clean air is a must, such as clean rooms, hospital wards, surgical rooms and other places where maximum dust removal is essential. Those with asthma or weak immune systems should seriously consider a HEPA air filter for their homes.

The difference between a standard pleated filter and a HEPA filter is in the material — there are more pleats in an inch of HEPA filter than in an inch of a pleated filter. The HEPA filter material, as mentioned above, must be much denser to stop smaller particles. The other reason why the HEPA materials are made so thick is to help reduce the frequency that they need to be cleaned or replaced. Having more pleats per inch enables the filter to remain in operation longer, because dust tends to collect in the lowest point between the pleats.

There are generic forms of HEPA filters on the market and they are probably just as good. However, most HVAC contractors will recommend looking for the "True HEPA" logo on the package, which guarantees the quality. Find a local, professional HVAC contractor to help you determine the best filter for your HVAC system.

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