Cleaning Concrete Countertops

Posted by Networx Team | Jan 01, 2011
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Your best bet is to clean with a non-abrasive sponge with warm, soapy water.

Proper care and cleaning of your concrete countertops will help extend their long life span and keep them looking as beautiful as the day you had them installed. Every spill should be cleaned up as soon as possible because even though the countertops are sealed, there could be a chance that the spill could seep through and cause damage (such as a stain), especially if the counter was sealed years ago. If you make wiping up spills into a habit, you shouldn't run into any problems.

Concrete Countertop Cleaning Tips

  • Make Sure Your Countertop is Sealed Properly. Before doing any cleaning of your countertops, make sure that your countertop has been properly sealed. Proper concrete countertop maintenance includes resealing every few years. Make sure to keep an eye on your countertop; if you notice any small stains from any liquid, then it is time to reseal.
  • Sponges or Cloths? Sponges or cloths are the best tool for cleaning your concrete countertops. You can also choose to use paper towels, but using sponges or cloths is more environmentally friendly. Tip: Instead of throwing away old t-shirts or undershirts, cut them up into small rags and use them for wiping up the countertops. Bar cloths and cheap washcloths make great counter wiping cloths. Look for some at your local dollar store. To wash these cloths, just include them in a load of soiled towels and wash with hot water. Remember not to use abrasive cleaners on the counters.
  • Use a Concrete Countertop Cleaner. There are several good-quality products on the market which are specifically formulated for cleaning stone and concrete tops. MarbaMist Spray is especially formulated for concrete countertops. View and purchase some countertop wipes from Stone Care International.
  • Never Use Ammonia or Bleach. Ammonia and bleach can ruin the countertops.
  • Use a Neutral pH Cleanser. Any other cleanser that you choose should always be neutral in pH level. Read the ingredients or directions on the package to check if it is pH neutral. It's best to choose a cleaning product that you know is specifically designed for concrete countertops, as mentioned above.

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