Average Cost to Install Stamped Concrete

$3,184 120 sq ft patio Find out how much your project will cost
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How Much Does it Cost to Install Stamped Concrete?

Would you like to install stamped concrete outside or inside your home? You can expect to pay about $19.6 to $36.25 per square foot (that's $2,017 - $4,351 for a 120 square foot patio).

What is Stamped Concrete?

This decorative technique involves embossing a pattern into freshly laid concrete with large polyurethane stamps, followed by adding color. Use it to add zest to an outdoor feature such as a patio, path, pool deck, or driveway. Or install a striking stamped concrete floor inside your home.

Cost to install stamped concrete will depend on:

  1. Square footage to be covered
  2. Number and type of colors
  3. Amount of detail
  4. Whether a border is applied
  5. Whether other design elements, such as decorative aggregate, are included

Why Choose Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete offers you a huge range of design possibilities. Create the look of beautiful natural stone, wood, brick, pavers, and more -- at a fraction of the price. Durable and easy-care, it comes without problems common to other paving materials, such as settling unevenly or sprouting weeds.

Cost Breakdown

  • Materials and Supplies -- In addition to the concrete and colorants, your contractor will provide the specialized tools needed for concrete stamping.
  • Labor -- Stamping concrete requires skill and specialized equipment. Hire a qualified contractor with experience in this technique.
  • Estimate -- The initial estimate, which may include onsite measurement, is often free.

Get the Most for Your Money

If your existing concrete patio is in good shape, save money by having a contractor add a thin overlay of concrete and stamp it with the pattern of your choice.

For long-lasting good looks in a harsh climate, powdered pigments mixed in with the concrete are preferable. Color which is only added to the surface may be affected by rain, snow, or strong sunlight.

Cost to Hire a Concrete contractor

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