Find Out The Best Month For House Renovation

    Jon Hurd/flickrAir conditioning contractors worked overtime this November in my northeastern city. No, we weren’t having a late-autumn heat wave. (Thank heaven -- summer was bad enough!) Instead, they were busy helping smart homeowners who wanted to beat the rush and install A/C for next year ... during what’s normally off-season for HVAC pros.

    Want to know the best month for house renovation? Forget feng shui and elaborate predictions? Here are the practicalities that matter:

    1. when you’d like to get the work done
    2. if the weather will permit
    3. when contractors are available

    Find out more with our guide to the best month for house renovation:


    Flooring. Doesn’t “new floors for the New Year” have a nice ring to it? Flooring tends to go on sale this month – and since the installation process is an indoor job, you won’t have to wait for warmer weather to hire a contractor.


    Garden planning. Do you have big dreams for your yard? Get  a headstart by meeting with a landscape professional and talking about how to bring those dreams to beautiful, blooming life. To do: Design the garden layout; then reserve a time slot for your landscaper to prepare the soil and put in your new lawn and flowers.

    • MARCH

    Paint and prep. Once the worst of winter’s done and you can open the windows again, get going with a new interior paint job. Not only is this a great way to refresh your spirits, it’s the perfect first step toward staging your home for sale. (According to real estate experts, spring is the best time to sell.)

    • APRIL

    Air conditioning. If you weren’t able to book a pro for this home improvement last fall, now is the time. April is the off-season for HVAC, between the busy periods of winter furnace installation and repair, and summer air conditioning needs. Global warming or no, you’ll be ready for those heat waves to come.

    • MAY

    Deck. Start the countdown to barbecue season by hiring a contractor to build a deck or patio in your backyard. Are you watching your budget? Tackle a DIY refurbish – sanding a deck is inexpensive and relatively easy.

    • JUNE

    Garage doors. Hardworking garage doors tend to be taken for granted … until they suddenly stop functioning right in the middle of a snowstorm. Warm weather makes it easy to tune up, repair, or replace your garage doors in comfort, so next winter you won’t get shut out in the cold.


    Remodeling. The best month for house renovation on a grand scale, such as a major kitchen remodel is July to August, when it’s simple to head outside (or to a vacation getaway) to escape the chaos inside. No kitchen? No problem. Cook on the grill. Summer is prime time for contractors, though, so find a reliable crew and book them well in advance.


    Concrete. September’s mild climes are just right for pouring concrete to complete an outdoor project like a driveway, garden path, or pool surround. Ideal conditions for concrete to cure properly are a stretch of several dry days, with temperatures steadily above 50 degrees.


    Roof. Repair or replace that worn-out roof before chilly breezes and snow flurries head your way. By October, a lot of reliable roofing companies are winding down from their summer rush and may be able to fit your job in much faster.


    Plumbing. Coming soon: heavy snowfalls, often followed by disastrous home flooding. Safeguard your basement; hire a plumber to install a sump pump. While you’re at it, protect your household plumbing against freezing. Repair leaky faucets (which otherwise might ice up your drain) and insulate pipes.


    Built-ins. Contractors are often more available in December, when many homeowners are busy with holiday entertaining. Take this opportunity to have a carpenter custom-make built-ins for your house – like a closet for that bonus room or shelves to organize books and toys. You’ll be all set to make your New Year’s resolution: “Get my house in shape for the coming year!”

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