Kitchen Remodel Measurements, Facts, and Figures

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Are you dreaming of a gorgeous, functional kitchen remodel? Good for you! Dreaming is an important first step in clarifying -- and eventually achieving -- your goals. Just be sure to follow up with the equally important second step: planning. This means finding out all the facts and figures essential to transform your dream kitchen remodel into a successful reality.

In this article, we lay out the basics you must know about kitchen remodeling, in terms of both feet and inches and dollars and cents.

Financial Side of Kitchen Remodel

Cost to remodel your kitchen: Approximately $14,000 - $50,000 (or more) for a 100 square foot kitchen, depending on the extent and luxuriousness of the remodeling.

Amount which real estate experts recommend you spend on redoing your kitchen: A maximum of 10 to 15 percent of the value of your home.

Potential cost overrun on a kitchen remodel: 10-20 percent of estimated costs, according to experienced remodeling contractors. (so be prepared and budget accordingly.)

Expected return on your investment: Approximately 81 percent of the midrange cost of a small kitchen remodel, and 59 percent of a major overhaul.

Home remodel with best ROI: Sorry, it's not the kitchen! Installation of a garage door replacement is #1, tending to recoup 98.3 percent of its initial cost. A minor kitchen remodel is in the #5 spot according to the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report of the Remodeling Magazine & National Association of Realtors.

Kitchen Size Basics

Average kitchen size in a newly built American home: About 160 square feet, as per the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Kitchens in older houses or apartments run considerably smaller, though.

Kitchen size as a percentage of the home: Approximately 12 percent of the total square footage.

Ideal kitchen work triangle (stove, sink, and refrigerator): Ideally, the sum of the three sides is no more than 21 linear feet and no less than 9.

Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

Standard measurements of kitchen cabinets (upper): 30" high, but also 36" and 42" stock or semi-custom cabinets are available. 12" is standard height for over-the fridge-cabinets. Wall cabinet depth was traditionally 12" in the past, but now 14-16" is common.

Standard measurements of kitchen cabinets (base): 34.5" high (plus 1.5" thick countertop equals a total height of 36") X 24" deep. Lower and higher base cabinets are available for special needs, such as wheelchair-bound or exceptionally tall individuals. Standard widths range from 18-48".

Standard measurements of kitchen pantry cabinets: 84, 90, or 96" high x 9-36" wide x 24" deep.

Distance between upper and lower cabinets: Previously 15-18", now changing to 21-24".

Clearance between bottom of upper cabinets and stovetop: 30" for electric, 36" for gas.

Kitchen Countertop Measurements

Standard countertop depth (front to back): 25".

Countertop length: Flexible, but a minimum total length of 158" is recommended to accommodate a full range of kitchen tasks.

Counter space next to stovetop: At least 12" landing area on one or both sides.

Counter space next to sink: Minimum of 18" landing area on one or both sides.

Standard Kitchen Appliance Dimensions

Stove (range), freestanding: 30" wide X 36" high X 25" deep.

Cooktop, built-in: Usually 30-36" wide X 2.5-4" high X 19-22" deep.

Wall oven, built-in: 30" wide X variable height X 24" deep.

Dishwasher, built-in: 24" wide X 35" high x 24" deep.

Refrigerator, side-by-side: 30-36" wide X 67-70" high X 29-35" deep.

Microwave, over-the-stove: 30" or 36" wide X 14-18" high X 15-17" deep.

Kitchen Sink Sizes

Standard sink, single-bowl: 24" wide X 22" front to back X 8-10" deep.

Standard sink, double-bowl: 33-36" wide X 22" front to back X 8-10" deep.

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Updated July 4, 2018.

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