10 Ways You Know You’re A Thrifting Diva

Are you the envied friend who’s always bringing home fabulous finds from your secondhand adventures? And every nook and every cranny in your house is filled with enchanting treasures, all perfectly mismatched-in-just-such-a-way-that-they-actually-really-match? The one who’s always got a can of spray paint and a DIY project at the ready?

Maybe? Some people get lost in thrift stores, and other people flourish like the true Thrifting Divas that they are. If the following criteria describe you, then you’re definitely the second type. Congrats, miss thang!

1. You can refer to entire rooms of your house as “thrifted”. This elegant dining room is decorated with exclusively vintage and secondhand items.

The Style Sisters via Hometalk.com.

2. You know the power of a makeover and you can always spot the potential. This play kitchen cost $2.50, and with a new coat of paint and a little TLC, it goes from grubby to gorgeous.

Photo of thrifted play kitchen by Thrift Diving via Hometalk.com.

3. You know that thrift shops aren’t just for clothes. You can find kitchenware, furniture, and even pricey antiques - like this Miranda Feiss chandelier, scored for a measly $35. They don’t call it treasure-hunting for nothing!

Thrifted Miranda Feiss chandelier photo by Pat aka Queen of Thrift via Hometalk.com.

4. You always do a quick scan of the book bins, just in case you spot a tattered treasure - like this vintage copy of Catcher In The Rye.

Photo of

5. You know you should always pilfer the paintings, because even if it’s just a stack of bad hotel art from the eighties, there’s endless projects that can be done with the right frames.

Meghan Brooke Handmade Blog via Hometalk.com

6. You know that you can always alter clothing. Waistlines can be taken in, hems can be let out, and sleeves can be shortened or removed completely. Buttons can be switched, buckles can replaced, and shoe polish or new laces are super cheap. A Thrifting Diva doesn’t accept anything just as it is.

Thrift shopping for clothes by Debbiedoos via Hometalk.com.

7. You know how to be selective, and that frequent trips may be necessary. You also know your local shops, and you probably know the delivery days when new stuff arrives. #thriftingday

Refreshrestyle via Hometalk.com

8. You know that fundamental shape is more important than the current quality. For example, this incredible ottoman was beat-up and ugly with its outdated covering and skirt. A little paint and some new DIY upholstery, and it’s a modern romantic masterpiece.

Number Fifty-Three via Hometalk.com

9. You understand the power of repurposing. This lovely lamp started off as a vase found in a Goodwill!

YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com via Hometalk.com

10. You’re willing to make a drive, for the right item. This Crate and Barrel sleeper sofa – in perfect condition – was purchased for pennies on the dollar because one thrifting diva was willing to drive 45 minutes to get it. Clearly, it was worth the trip.

YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com via Hometalk.com

Thank you to The Style Sisters, Thrift Diving, Dogs Don't Eat Pizza, Meghan Brooke Handmade, Debbiedoo's, Refresh Restyle, Number Fifty-Three, and You Are Talking Too Much.

Sayward Rebhal writes for Networx.com.

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