10 Uses for Hanging Shoe Bags

Crate & BarrelFor those with limited closet space, a hanging shoe bag is a great way to make room for each and every beloved pair of pumps. But these useful space-savers are far more than just a convenient way to stash footwear. Here are 10 ways to put a hanging shoe bag to work around your home. 

1. Hung on the back of a bathroom door, a shoe hanger becomes a sanitary, off-the-floor place to stash magazines. 

2. If you're not much of a bathroom reader, use the pouches to store cosmetics, curling irons, shaving gear and other essentials.

3. Fill it up with seasonal gear, like winter hats, mittens and scarves. When the season is over, simply roll it up and put it in storage until next year.

4. If you value convenience over style, you can drape a shoe bag over the arm of a couch. Use it to hold home theater remotes, a TV guide and maybe even a few snacks. 

5. For those lacking the space for a little greenery you can transform a shoe hanger into a hanging garden. Filled with hardy varieties like succulents or ivy, you'll be surprised how easy it is to grow a garden that requires no square footage.

6. For those forced to toil in cramped cubicles, there never seems to be enough space. Tack up a shoe hanger bag and use it to organize office supplies. Your coworkers will be in awe of your resourcefulness.

7. Keep squirming tots in the back seat of the car occupied by filling a shoe hanger bag with plenty of toys, games and books and then hang it off the seat so they can access it easily.

8. If you're headed out on a weekend trip to a cabin, fill the shoe hanger up with a change of clothes, first aid supplies, a flashlight and other essentials. Hang it from a nail on the wall and you've got an instant dresser and no need to unpack.

9. If you love a good backyard barbecue, use the pouches to stow condiments (but not one that has actually held shoes, shoes that have had contact with the streets that dogs have pooped on. Let's keep it clean, kids!). To give your guests easy access to the mustard and relish, hang the bag over the rail of your porch or tie it to a tree branch.

10. Christmas is coming up and the shoe organizer makes a perfect way to keep all your gift-wrapping supplies in order. Stuff the pockets with tape, bows, scissors and string so it'll be right where you need it when you wrap gifts this year.

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