Fence to Block Neighbors

fence to block neighbors

If you are Googling "fence to block neighbors", it's likely that you're not a happy camper. I mean, if you didn't have a reason to build a fence to block neighbors, that would mean one of two things: 1. You actually live on a property big enough to afford you privacy without a fence; or 2. Your neighbors are lovely, never make noise, and never snoop. But that's not the case for you, is it? No. You need a fence to block neighbors.

You have a few options for a fence to block neighbors. A 20 foot high cement wall with barbed wire at the top is probably excessive. Then again, maybe not. How much blocking do these people need? Also, are you building this fence to block your neighbors from entering your yard, or just from seeing your yard? Or do you not want to see them? Are they dangerous? Better question: Are you dangerous? Do you keep an collection of ammunition, an illegal drug lab, and the grave of Jimmy Hoffa in your backyard?

Barring the possibility that you need a high security fence to block neighbors because you are a shady criminal, it's not such a big deal to choose and install a fence. Chain link fencing, while durable and effective as a barrier, might not fit into your neighborhood. If your neighborhood is in a high crime area where there are more cops on the corners than HOA members, go ahead and put up a chain link fence. Otherwise, don't do that. You'll make more friends and you'll add more home value if you install a nice wooden or decorative metal fence.

Since decorative metal fencing is pretty expensive, let's talk about wood fencing. A six foot fence will block neighbors. The problem is that you might be creating an aesthetic problem for yourself. Who wants to look at an entire perimeter of a yard that consists of wood pickets? Therefore, if you are building a fence to block neighbors, you also need to plan for landscaping near that fence. You are going to need bushes. You are going to need ornamental grasses. You are going to need mulches and borders, unless you really like looking at wood pickets.

Now finding a fence installation professional to build this fence to block neighbors can be a mystery, so that's why we're here. Just fill out the form below this article, and local, pre-screened pros will contact you to give you free quotes to build a fence to block neighbors. Or you could just do it yourself. You're good at pouring concrete, right? And you really like to dig? I knew it. You're totally cut out for this.

Chaya Kurtz writes for Networx.com.

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