Gas Line Installation Made Simple

Our plumber was willing to listen to suggestions and understand what we wanted

Submitted by Quentin P.

Gas line installation

The Snapshot

Why did you look for a contractor?

Gas line installation.

Why did you choose this particular contractor?

Good communication and vailability.

How do you feel about the results?

I’m real happy.

If a friend asked you for a referral, what would you say about this contractor?

I’d recommend him to anybody. We had a great experience.

Gas line installation

The Full Scoop

We’re renovating an additional structure on our property, so we needed a new gas line run.

I initially called my regular plumber, but his company’s out of business, sold to somebody else. So I started checking Yelp and other reviews to find a contractor.

I ended up with 7 bids on this job. Joe of JMS Express Plumbing was the easiest to talk to, understood what we wanted to do, and was the most available. Everybody else said things like, “No, I don’t want to do it that way. I want to do something else.” or “I’m not available for a month.”

But Joe told us, “Yeah, your idea makes sense. Let’s just do that. I can start tomorrow.” All his reviews seemed to be positive, so it was a done deal.

I had already permitted the entire renovation, but normally the gas line installation would have required a permit. He could have done that for us, no problem.

Joe and another worker were here for a full 8-hour day and the work went great. They got it done faster than I thought they could, actually, and it’s good to go, so I’m real happy.

I especially liked the ease of dealing with Joe. He doesn’t try to talk around you. If you even have the remotest idea of what you’re doing, he’ll take your suggestions and tell you if that’s going to work or not, whereas a lot of contractors will treat you like you don’t know anything: “No, no, no, that’s not how you do it.” He’s super-easy to work with and I’d recommend him to anybody. We had a great experience.

What advice would you give to other homeowners based on your experience?

Understand all the specific things you need for the job. In this example, the plumber has got to size the gas line, so he needs to know what’s going to be on the other side. Is it a stove? Is it a furnace? A water heater? If the homeowners have all those answers ready, they can call up someone like Joe and say, “Come out and look at the property. Here’s what I’m going to do.” And he’ll just take it from there. As long as you have your homework done, it’s super easy.

Gas line installation

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