Average Cost to Install a Window

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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Window?

The cost to install a window typically ranges from $320 to $670 for the window plus supplies and labor. Cost varies according to factors such as size, shape, and type of window needed; any special energy saving or security features to be included; condition of the existing molding; and how complicated the installation is.

Installing a window on the second floor or higher tends to cost more than on the first floor or in the basement, because it is a more time-consuming job. Necessary repairs to the window molding will add to the expense as well. Installation of several windows at once will generally work out to be less expensive than only one.

Older houses are most likely to need new window installation. They usually have 10-12 windows for a home of 1500 square feet and under. By contrast, newer homes may have 30 windows or more.

Average window size dimensions are 40" x 55." However, there is a wide range, from bathroom windows as small as 2' x 1.5' to expansive picture windows measuring 6' x 6'. In addition to the usual rectangle, windows come in decorative shapes like arches, circles, octagons, and triangles. Ordering windows in custom size and shape will increase the cost.

Cost Breakdown

Cost to install a window will normally include:

  • Materials -- Window frames can be made of PVC vinyl (the least expensive option), aluminum, steel, or wood. The window glass itself may be double- or triple-paned or specially coated for energy efficiency.
  • Labor -- The contractor will not only install the new window, but also remove the old one, repair problem areas such as rotted or mildewed framing materials, seal around the window to prevent drafts, and even replace window casings and moldings as required. In addition, some interior finish work may be needed.
  • Cleanup -- Before work begins, confirm the charge to clean up and dispose of old windows and other construction debris.
  • The initial estimate, which may include an onsite inspection, is often free.

Get the Most for Your Money

Compare window installation estimates from several contractors and look for someone experienced and reliable, not just the lowest bidder.

While energy-conserving windows do generally cost more than the alternative, they will help your family to be more comfortable all year round and reduce your expenses for heating and cooling. What's more, having low U-factor, Energy Star windows installed in your home may make you eligible for a number of financial benefits:

  • low interest home improvement loans
  • federal, state, or municipal mail-in rebates or tax credits
  • local utility company rebates

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