Shira Beth

Shira Beth

Creative Ways to Sand in Tight Corners

Posted by Shira Beth | Mar 15, 2010

When you have to sand in a tight corner, it can be tough to reach in there to begin with, let alone to sand with the grain. Pick up some adhesive-backed sandpaper or an adhesive-backed...

How to Get Paw Prints Out of Carpet

Posted by Shira Beth | Mar 08, 2010

Springtime is great: The air warms, the flowers start to bloom... and the ground turns to mud. You're an experienced pet owner, so you know that you have to keep a towel near the door...

Clean Your Wood Toilet Seat Properly

Posted by Shira Beth | Jan 26, 2010

When it comes to cleaning the toilet, people generally reach for some kind of disinfecting product, many of which contain bleach. But should you clean a wooden toilet seat the same...

All About Tankless Toilets

Posted by Shira Beth | Jan 11, 2010

It's likely that you've heard terms like "low-flow toilets" and "dual-flush toilets" being bandied about. But have you heard about tankless toilets? Tankless Toilets vs Traditional...

Lower Power Bills with Weatherstripping

Posted by Shira Beth | Jan 04, 2010

Now that you've got the furnace going full-blast and you've seen your latest power bill, you might be looking for a way to stay warm without spending as much. Have you checked your...