Clean Your Wood Toilet Seat Properly


    When it comes to cleaning the toilet, people generally reach for some kind of disinfecting product, many of which contain bleach.

    But should you clean a wooden toilet seat the same way you do porcelain or plastic seats? Wood is porous, which means you need to be extra careful cleaning it; bacteria can be absorbed into the seat and not just remain on the surface.

    However, wood is also a somewhat delicate surface. Bleach can … well … bleach the wood, lightening and streaking it in a very unattractive way. And while a scouring powder -- like Ajax or Bon Ami -- is great for other bathroom cleaning tasks like scrubbing the sink or tub, it’s too abrasive for cleaning your wooden toilet seat.

    The Best Cleaning Products For Wood Toilet Seats

    The best product to clean wooden toilet seats with is a mild detergent, such as dish soap. Just wipe down with a soft sponge or cloth and then rinse.

    Assuming your wood toilet seat is painted or otherwise finished, you can also try a little Murphy Oil Soap. Murphy Oil Soap isn't antibacterial, though, while many dish soaps are. If you like, use a little rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) to disinfect the toilet seat.

    Take Good Care of Your Toilet Seat

    Never saturate a wooden toilet seat with any cleaning product, and leave the lid open after cleaning to allow the seat to dry thoroughly. Too much moisture tends to damage any type of wood.

    Replace your toilet seat promptly if the wood splits, because cracks and crevices are the perfect places for bacteria to hide.

    For professional cleaning of your wood toilet seat -- and the rest of your home -- hire a reliable cleaning service.

    This post was updated November 14, 2017.

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