How to Get Paw Prints Out of Carpet


    Springtime is great: The air warms, the flowers start to bloom... and the ground turns to mud. You're an experienced pet owner, so you know that you have to keep a towel near the door to wipe your dog's paws before he leaves tracks all over the house. However, sometimes Buddy is really anxious to get inside and just runs past you -- right onto your clean carpet. Now what? First, grab the dog before he gets anything else dirty. And be patient about that carpet. Let the paw prints dry. Then, use a brush or your hand to loosen the dried dirt. Grab the vacuum and suck up everything that you can. If there are still reminders of those cute little doggie feet, clean the stain using a spot cleaner, steam cleaner or a white rag and some liquid detergent. Blot up the mess, rinse, and wait for it to dry. Next time, you'll grab Buddy before he comes in!

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