Cris Carl

Cris Carl

Cris Carl is a talented journalist who has written for both newspapers and websites for the past 13 years. She is a member of the Native American Journalists Association and the Society for Environmental Journalists. She has been a presenter and panelist at two Unity Journalists of Color conferences. Cris lives in western MA and loves to garden and make her home better every day. Cris has owned her own landscaping business and has been remodeling a 100-year-old house for over a decade.

She has written over a hundred articles for In addition to her home improvement articles for work such as power washing and cleaning, some of her articles include topics about adapting your home for a person with down’s syndrome ( and tips for ways to set up your home that can help keep your hyperactive kid calm ( For a person with down’s syndrome, she recommends having the simplest layout possible for your home, so it’s best to avoid a lot of push buttons and modern furniture. There are also certain types of stoves and locks that are easy and safe for a person with down’s syndrome to use, even if they can’t read. Cris also recommends making a private space for a caregiver who lives with them. For a hyperactive kid, Cris encourages parents to set up labeled bins and boxes where specific items are to be placed. She also suggests per expert Dr. Sharon Saline PsyD. to chart activities with your child using a dry erase board, chalkboard, or paper chart, to map out an organizational flow of the day.

Chris has also written articles for ridding your home of ferret odors by altering their diet and having a designated room for your ferret with easy-to-clean flooring (read more here: She has also written articles about caring for rabbits ( and dogs (,

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What You Should Know About Renter’s Insurance

Posted by Cris Carl | Feb 22, 2018

Renters insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but in fact, it can be a fantastic deal if you ever run into any problems. “It’s a common myth that your building...

This person turned his garage into a photography studio. (Photo: Illusive Photography/Flickr)

Ten Fabulous Uses for a Garage

Posted by Cris Carl | Dec 19, 2012

Garages: they’re not just for cars anymore. After I wrote an article about remodeling your garage if you wanted to have a garage band, I started thinking that garages can be an...

Photo of a pellet stove by

Year Round Pellet Stove Maintenance Tips

Posted by Cris Carl | Dec 17, 2012

Pellet stoves are a great way to save energy and money, but must be maintained properly. Unlike a wood stove, pellet stoves are operated electrically and have circuits and moving parts....

This doghouse at the Main Botanical Gardens has a green roof. Photo: InAweofG-d'sCreations/Flickr.

Humane and Healthy Doghouse Ideas

Posted by Cris Carl | Dec 17, 2012

There are hundreds of dog houses to choose from on the market. If you have decided you want your dog to live full-time or part-time outdoors, you will need to consider appropriate size...

Two roofers install clay roofing tiles, a green roofing material. (Photo: majorosl/

Choices in Green Roofing

Posted by Cris Carl | Dec 16, 2012

When you think of having a “green” roof, there are a number of concepts and materials to consider. First you need to ask yourself about what you are hoping to accomplish....

A mom helps a child with Down's Syndrome with homework. (Photo: EVAfotografie/

Adapting Your House for a Person with Down's Syndrome

Posted by Cris Carl | Nov 27, 2012

If you're adapting your home for a person with Down's syndrome, be aware that there is no "one size fits all" game plan. Due to the spectrum of intellectual disability that people with...

The Art of Dehydrating Foods

Posted by Cris Carl | Oct 24, 2012

A couple of years ago, I started dehydrating foods harvested from my thriving urban garden. It takes some work, but the pay-off is definitely worth it. Organic farmer Dan Bodkin, of...

Filtering cider. (Photo: Ben Garney/Flickr)

Tips for Brewing Your Own Hard Cider

Posted by Cris Carl | Oct 17, 2012

In some parts of the country, hard cider has grown from a down-home project to a mass-marketed trendy drink. But brewing your own is surprisingly simple, requiring few materials outside...

Offering utopia to your tenants makes you a good landlord. Just kidding. (Photo: John Snape/Flickr)

Tips for Being a Good Landlord

Posted by Cris Carl | Oct 15, 2012

Being a good landlord means more than just being a nice person or even being fair. Whether you are just starting out or have been a landlord for a period of time, laws and situations...

A cook enjoys a professional gas stove. (Photo: Seemann/

How to Choose a New Stove and Oven

Posted by Cris Carl | Oct 10, 2012

“Considerations when picking out a new stove often have to do with whether you are buying one for the first time or not,” said Josh Gralenski, assistant sales manager for...