New Solar Technology Makes Outdoor Lighting a Cinch

undefinedThere are several different types of residential solar lights available today which are replacing old electrical and gas lamps.  These solar lamps lights can help with everything from reducing your monthly electric bills, brightening up your garden and landscape, to keeping your property safe and secure.  Gama Sonic USA offers Solar Lamp Posts which can be easily installed anywhere outdoors without electrical wiring and are maintenance free.  Once installed, the sun will power these hassle free lights which will save you time and money. Also, all of these solar lights will come on automatically at dusk and will automatically turn off at dawn. 

Utilizing Green Energy not only reduces your power bill but also reduces your carbon footprint. These solar lamps have a cast-aluminum weather resistant structure, won’t rust, and are maintenance free in all regions of the country.  Keep in mind though that because these lamp posts are solar powered, they will require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day to fully charge the Li-ion batteries which are powered by the Mono Crystal solar panels.  Also, the Li-ion batteries have a lifespan of 3 years and can be easily replaced.  On cloudy days, you may notice that the solar lamp only lasts half the night.  This is typical with all solar powered lighting because they require direct sunlight to work efficiently.   

Solar lamps are now capable of producing a much greater light output than what has been seen in the past. The Imperial II Series by Gama Sonic will put out 350 Lumens of brightness which is equivalent to an 80W bulb and installation is simple. You can simply remove existing lamp fixtures from their posts and replace them with the solar lamps on the posts. Then all you will need to do is tighten three screws. If you do not yet have a post installed, you must pour concrete in the area of your choice, let it cure and then drill three holes in the concrete to install the three bolts which will hold the pole. If pouring concrete isn’t an option for you, you can use the GS-3 EZ Anchor which allows you to install a lamp post anywhere you like in just minutes and without having to pour any concrete at all!  These lamps are replacing existing electrical or gas lamps that no longer work or cost too much on a monthly basis to run. Adding new lamp posts along driveways will also add to the overall appearance to a home and make it look more inviting. 

Another way to spruce up your home is with solar accent lighting.  Accent lights have come a long way from the old standard of dim lamps along a pathway. There are now products available like the GS-150 Solar Spot Light with color changing lenses. This spot light puts out 90 lumens and creates a colorful ambiance to gardens and landscape and is also maintenance free. Simply stick the ground stake and light into the ground and the detachable solar panel can be placed up to 10’ away for maximum sun exposure.

Solar Lamp technology has come a long way in a very short amount of time. It is now possible to go green without having to sacrifice functionality or style. These lamps can now light up your driveway, garden, yard, shed, or home. Additional exciting new accent lights for enhancing landscape and gardens are the Gama Sonic GS-111PL Multi Purpose Solar Plantern. This unique solar light with flower planter is height adjustable between 27” and 37” and has three installation options: ground stake, wall mount or free-standing. The GS-111PL requires no tools, has four super bright white LEDs and also includes a Li-ion rechargeable battery.

One more accent light is the GS-6 Solar Light with hanging flower basket. The GS-6 has three chains hanging down from a solar light and attaches to a lovely half moon coco fiber basket brightening up flowers and plants day and night. This model can also be purchased with just the light and hanging chains as the GS-6KIT. This option is available for use with any basket and the detachable solar panel can be placed up to 8’ from the light for maximum sun exposure.

With all these options available to the consumer, the possibilities to light up your home and make it stand out from your neighbors are endless!

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