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Hand held shower heads aren't just great because of their ease and convenience. They are great because they help so many people and make a big difference in people’s lives. Yes, that is right, a hand held shower head has that much importance for many people. For the elderly, disabled, arthritis sufferers or anyone who may need to sit in the shower, a hand held shower head gives them independence to be able to shower alone and unassisted. It's also a big help for moms and dads for showering young children- especially those children who are scared of getting water near their eyes. On a lighter note, hand held shower heads makes washing pets easier too! Another perk- Cleaning the shower is a lot easier with a hand held shower head as you are able to easily spray down the interior of the shower.

Hand held shower heads can be used in a mounted position attached to a shower pipe or held in your hand. Most hand held shower heads can be installed quickly and easily. If plumbing installations are not your thing, then simply find a reliable plumber to do it for you!

More Hand Held Shower Head Benefits:

  • Handy, flexible, durable and convenient
  • Relaxing
  • Helps sore muscles by direct and close contact with warm or hot water
  • Massage capabilities
  • Full body spray attachments
  • Many, many features available with hand held shower heads: Energy saving, , jet models, push button models and more.

Treat yourself to an affordable update that will be worth every penny. The good news is that a good quality hand held shower head can be purchased for under $100. For a good quality, lasting product it's a great investment.

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