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Grass sod farms can be found throughout the world. In fact, most of the grass that homeowners purchase comes from grass sod farms. There are a number of types of grass sod farms, and different farms grow entirely different types of grass.

All About Grass Sod Farms

Turf (also known as sod) for backyards and front lawns is grown on specialized grass sod farms. In most instances, grass grown on a sod farm is sold locally so that the grass does not dry out or get too hot during transportation. However, certain types of grass (such as Kentucky Bluegrass) are sought after across the globe, and these types of grass tend to travel long distances.

Many grass sod farms produce more than one type of grass, though almost all grass sod farms only grow the types of grass that are popular within one particular area. Unlike grass that is grown on front yards across the nation, grass that is gown at grass sod farms is harvested anywhere from 10 to 18 months after the first seed is planted. This ensures that any grass leaving a sod farm is in top condition. While grass is growing on a sod farm, it is fertilized, mowed, watered, kept pest-free to guarantee that every last inch of grass is perfect. This type of grass can also be cut to specific sizes according to individual orders. When sod grass is ready to be shipped to homeowners, it is cut into small squares or rectangles and rolled into tight bundles.

Why Buy Sod?

Sod is purchased by contractors and homeowners alike. Most people who purchase this type of grass do so in order to fill in a lawn that has never had grass growing on it before; this is common with newly built homes. In addition, sod may be purchased in order to fill lawn gaps — small or large. If a portion of a homeowner’s lawn has died or become weathered, sod grass can be added to the lawn in order to create a natural appearance. For these reasons, purchasing sod is a wise idea, though it can be a costly endeavor.

Buying sod from grass sod farms may be expensive, depending on the type of grass that you wish to purchase and how far it has to go to reach you. While many grass sod farms will not ship internationally, some of these farms will ship sod to distant locations for a higher price.

When purchasing sod, make sure to seek out a reputable dealer in order to ensure a quality product at the best possible price.

Author Harriette Halepis is a writer based in Montreal. She specializes in DIY and modern interior design. Ask Harriette for advice on anything from vegetarian Canadian bacon to adding mod accents to your home décor.

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